Couple Lets TikTok Name Their Baby After It Helped Pay For IVF Treatments

There are already enough scary and unexpected things that can happen over the course of a pregnancy, but those seem to multiply when a couple is having issues with fertility.

For those who go through these tribulations, the act of getting pregnant can be a long hard road filled with false starts, disheartening disappointments, a lot of expense and a whole lot of waiting.

But while some stories inspire couples to persevere, others have a way of showing us how beautifully people can come together when someone is in need.

And it may be a little unorthodox. but one of those stories of togetherness has a lot to do with why one couple is about to let TikTok name their baby.

For the past three years, Mark and Lucy Brown of North Yorkshire, England have been trying for their second child.

But as Good Morning America reported, the only way that this seems to be possible for them is through in vitro fertilization.

As Mark said, "We had an interview with the people in the hospital and he said, the chances of getting pregnant naturally [are] 1 to 8% -- very, very slim."

However, things didn't get much easier once they started with IVF treatments as Lucy has had several miscarriages in the time since.

One of these incidents that took place in January of 2020 was documented on TikTok and about 50,000 viewers soon became invested in their journey.

And after the couple spent the equivalent of $20,000 on IVF treatments, that viewer base would end up helping them more than they might have realized.

That's because Mark's TikTok account would end up raising $6,000 needed for their next treatments through the platform's creator fund.

As he expressed in a video showing his appreciation for his followers, Mark said that it took about a year for his account — in which he does product reviews along with detailing his and Lucy's IVF journey — to amass the 250,000 views needed to afford the treatments.

In his words, "We had a duty to share because the viewers have funded it with their time. I think time is the most precious thing in life."

And while it's unclear what will become of the little embryo that all that work went towards, the Browns are now giving their followers the opportunity to name their baby.

At present, a name has not been chosen yet but it sounds like the Browns will be screening their messages for one that sounds the best to them.

As Mark put it, "We've told everyone they can decide [what] the baby's gonna be called, within reason. I've seen some crazy names out there."

h/t: Good Morning America

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