People Confessed Their Dark Secrets Online That They're Afraid To Tell Others

Some people have some deep, dark secrets. Some of us discuss them in therapy, while some of us take it to the grave and never tell a soul.

But, once in a while an online thread will pop up and ask us to dish our deepest, darkest secrets and we can't help but want to share them with the whole world.

This guy who pooped himself on Zoom.

Unsplash | Charles Deluvio

"I did a two-hour online test for college and we had to stay on camera for the whole two hours until everyone was done.

The problem was I [pooped] myself half an hour into the test and sat in my own [pooped] not allowed to move and if I did move everyone would see I [pooped] myself.

So I waited until everyone was done and got marks done and could turn off the cameras.

I got 100% in the test," said False-Memory-8109.

Being there for people can be too much for some.

Unsplash | Külli Kittus

TonyDanzer said that "compassion fatigue" is slowly killing him. Being there for people, like friends and family, is important to him but he is "exhausted" from being a shoulder to cry on for so long for so many people.

Sometimes, we miss our parents.

Unsplash | Nick Fewings

"I cried over bell peppers today. I always made my dad stuffed orange bell peppers on Halloween. I would cut the little jack o lantern faces out and everything. He’s been dead for three years but today for a second in the grocery store I thought oh that’s right I need orange bell peppers," said beatenseagull.

One husband is unhappy in his marriage.

Unsplash | Nik Shuliahin

"I’m unhappy in my marriage, but still love my wife. I think if we met today we wouldn’t even date, much less be married but the thought of leaving her for my own happiness makes me sick to my stomach. She constantly says how happy I make her, how much she loves me, that she couldn’t live without me. And I love her back, we are just so different," said Burnerreddit12345.

Zoning out when you drive is dangerous.

Unsplash | Samuele Errico Piccarini

I_am_Doubt said the other day, he zoned out while driving and ran a red light, narrowly missing an accident.

He said he feels "incredibly guilty" for almost causing the accident. He doesn't want to tell anyone but, the guilt is a lot.

Being sick can be too much to take.

Unsplash | Peter Boccia

"I’m have terminal cancer and am tired of the side effects of the treatments and the pain the cancer is causing. I really want to just die and get it over with but my wife and two daughters would be devastated if I stopped fighting," shared another.

He knows his wife cheated.

Unsplash | Deon Black

"My wife cheated on me a few months back. She claims it was just one kiss and dirty texts but who really knows the extent of her infidelity besides him and her. I was beyond stupid and ignored all warning signs. I have told no one and it happened about 4 months ago," shared Redditor-7D.

Some of us only dress up to feel better.

Unsplash | Hunters Race

FlossMan18 said that they only dress up in a suit and a tie when they are feeling down and out on themself, so, it gives them one thing to be very happy or feel good about.

We don't want to repeat our parent's mistakes.

Unsplash | Torsten Dederichs

No_Manufacturer_1900 said that he doesn't want to have kids because he thinks he is "too much like his father" and if he doesn't have kids, the "bloodline could end with him."

He thinks that may be better than having kids.

The engagement ring is cheaper than you think.

Unsplash | Esther Tuttle

"My giant sexy engagement ring is a created diamond. You (my dear coworkers) all love it to death and go on about how amazing it is because you think my fiance dropped $10,000 on it.

It cost $50 on Ebay and I love it because it's SCIENCE and not DeBeers," said Johndoe448.

Mom dreams of running away.

Unsplash | S Migaj

"I have a husband and two toddlers that I love deeply and would give my life for.

But I often fantasize about running off and traveling the world. Not having to wake up every morning to a 2 year old and 1 year old while my husband soundly sleeps just sounds like pure bliss to me," said I_am_dean.

We play pranks on our siblings sometimes.

Unsplash | Yang Deng

"My older brother has a hat that he used to wear every single day. He’s 7 years older than me and when I was 13 we got into a big fight and he kicked my [expletive]. To get my revenge I jacked off into his favorite hat and brushed the inside of the toilet with his toothbrush. I feel so bad about it now," said i-piss-excellence32.

They can't remember anything.

Unsplash | Ben Hershey

LeelooDallasMltiPass said that they had a concussion 10 years ago and it ruined a lot of his episodic memory. He has gotten some of it back, but a lot of old memories and things he used to remember are totally gone. People, places, things.

Some of us cheat to get by.

Unsplash | Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu

"I cheated my way through my first year of nursing school. Realized I wasn’t going to pass the NCLEX (board exam for nursing licensure) if I kept cheating so I actually started trying and I eventually passed on my own. But yeah, cheated a LOT my first year," said hey_now111.

He cares too much.

Unsplash | Mayur Gala

"I care more about anybody than they'll ever know, I love my family, adore every aspect of my girlfriend , I try my hardest to control my feelings so I don't force myself on them but it's really hard and I struggle since the only real good aspects about me is loyalty and honesty , I really want to just poor my heart out to them but I feel like I do more harm than good,"shared PeanutRecord698.

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