Woman Found Out Her Husband Was Cheating After He Tried To Move His Mistress Into Their Home

Being cheated on is a huge fear for many people in monogamous relationships. It's never easy to discover a partner is cheating, and now in 2021, many people take to social media to expose their two-timing partner.

Now, one woman is exposing her husband for cheating in a scathing new TikTok that's gone viral and honestly, I'm proud of her.

TikTok is the most popular app on earth right now.

Unsplash | Solen Feyissa

Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration — maybe it's UberEats. However, it's undeniably a hub of all things viral and will be for the foreseeable future.

Basically, if you get called out on TikTok, everyone is going to know about it.

Which is exactly what happened to the partner of one woman who recently exposed his suspicious behaviour.

TikTok user Jordan Burke took to the app when she found out her husband was being unfaithful to her after he tried to move his mistress into their family home.

In one video she wrote: "That time my husband tried to move his mistress into our home and ended up stuck paying the mortgage for our son and I instead."

Jordan claims that she came home one day to find out her ex was allegedly trying to move his mistress into the house where they lived with their son.

In a different video, Jordan recalled the time her husband's mistress tried to avoid getting caught.

Showing herself dancing to her son's bedroom door, Jordan wrote: "Me omw to my son's room where my husband's mistress locked herself inside."

Jordan also explained that she was struggling with severe postpartum depression when her husband began his affair.

I think we can all agree Jordan is better off without a man who is willing to leave his wife and their child for someone else.

All the best in your future dating endeavors, Jordan!