Bride-To-Be Is Horrified After Mother-In-Law Wore Her Wedding Dress As A Costume

In-laws are a toss-up.

Some lucky folks get along great with their in-laws and everyone just becomes one big happy family. However, as we all know — that's not always the case. Sometimes inlaws can be a pain. Sometimes your future mother-in-law takes the dress they bought for your wedding and wears it as part of their Halloween costume instead of having a mature, adult conversation about your issues.

The internet is truly a wonderful place.

Sure, there's a lot of trolls that try to take that fun away from everyone, but it's a place to watch music videos from the '80s and connect with your great aunt who's in her 80s all with the push of a few buttons.

The internet is also a great place to confide in strangers about your in-laws.

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One woman recently took to Reddit in a since-deleted to post share a truly horrifying story about her mother-in-law that will leave you scratching your head and wondering where humanity went wrong.

The bride-to-be began by explaining she and her future MIL had always had a strained relationship.

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After playing tit for tat for years, the bride was surprised to hear her MIL was offering to help pay for some of the wedding.

"I was super grateful and having my son made me grow up a lot," the woman wrote, as per Kidspot.

"I went into this with a positive mind frame and hoped maybe we could at least be civil at some point because this situation has broken my fiancé's heart."

In a surprising twist, the MIL even bought the future bride her wedding dress, and insisted on keeping it at her place for safe keeping.

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However, things soon took a turn when the bride's MIL overheard people talking about her at the bridal shower.

In the days following, the bride has been unable to contact her future MIL and found out she had been blocked on social media.

To make matters worse, it turns out the MIL recently took the dress out for a test drive.

"Last night I got a call from one of my friends, who saw MIL at a Halloween party, wearing my wedding gown covered in fake blood," the bride wrote.

"She had a tiara, so I guess she was Carrie or something."

The bride's fiancé tried contacting his mother but she refused his calls.

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"I cried all last night because I was so upset about the dress, and it killed our Halloween plans," she wrote. "Today I decided she absolutely can't be at the wedding."

While some people felt the decision was too harsh, others understood the bride's frustration. "I can tell he is really sad, but he says he gets it and supports me 100 percent and can't have someone who hates me that much at the wedding," the bride added.

I hope the bride gets access to another dress ASAP, and this time she's got to keep it at her house!

h/t: Kidspot