Bride Weeps After Parents Buy Single Sister A Wedding Dress Instead Of Her

When a couple gets married, it's generally understood that the day of the wedding is really the bride's day.

Indeed, this tends to hold true to the point that brides can often get away with what would normally be unacceptable behavior in the interest of making sure that the day they always dreamed about turns out "perfect."

But while "bridezilla" behavior is a common problem, there are also families in which a perfectly reasonable bride doesn't get any of her due respect. Oftentimes, this is because a family member feels the need to try and upstage the bride by wearing white or — in extreme cases — even a wedding dress of their own.

Although the special day hasn't yet come for the couple we're about to hear about, that hasn't stopped one bride's family from pulling a similarly disrespectful stunt.

When the groom described his bride-to-be, he referred to her as "the least selfish person I have ever met," but also as someone who's been going through a rough time lately.

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As he explained in a Reddit post, she started a residency at a hospital in June 2019 after finishing medical school earlier that year.

Unfortunately, that essentially meant she became a doctor just in time for the COVID-19 pandemic, which has understandably been difficult for her and she often comes home crying.

As he said, "My fiancée doesn't ask for much and while we are not having a big or expensive wedding come hell or high water I'm making sure she gets to be happy."

Unfortunately, he recently discovered that this would be harder than he thought after she came home from a dress appointment that included her parents and sister.

Despite the fact that it was her appointment and that her sister is single, the sister nonetheless started trying on dresses and taking over the whole outing.

Nonetheless, neither the parents nor the salesperson at the bridal shop — who the groom said got a better commission from helping the sister — seemed to mind and the parents ended up buying her a wedding dress that she doesn't even have a use for yet.

But in the groom's words, "My fiancée didn't even get to try on a single dress."

As you might expect, the bride was in tears when she came home, but her parents simply described her behavior as "emotional and dramatic" when they called the groom.

This led the groom to uninvite all three of them from the wedding, which he is now wondering if he was wrong to do without asking his fiancée.

Indeed, the bride's family seems to think so, as they've kept leaving him messages calling him controlling, out of line, and prying into matters that aren't any of his business.

But at the same time, the bride has been ignoring all of their messages and hasn't said anything about re-inviting them even after he said he would support her if that's what she decided to do.

This being the situation, he asked a Reddit community for guidance on whether he acted too hastily.

And not only was Reddit's consensus that he didn't, but that he should stay on the lookout in case they try to crash the wedding anyway.

As one user said, "Her parents are playing favoritism and the whole family sounds narcissistic and manipulative. Your fiancé deserves a wedding dedicated to her, not them. They seem like the type to wear white to the wedding and act confused when you’re upset."

Another went a step further with their warning, saying, "I would also be worried that the sister will turn up in her wedding dress to your wedding too."

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