Tina Turner Gives Fans Rare Update On Life In Retirement With Husband Erwin Bach

There is no denying that Tina Turner is simply the best, not just to me, but to anyone who loves good music, which is everyone. Do you know who else loves good music? The people in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which the star was recently inducted into as a solo act last month — FINALLY.

Now, Tina is giving fans a rare look into her retired life with hubby Erin Bach in Switzerland.

Tina's name is on everyone's lips these days because despite her retirement, the songstress is making international headlines.

In addition to being inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, the Tony award-winning musical based on her life, aptly titled "Tina" returned to Broadway last month.

If that wasn't enough, the 81-year-old made headlines when she sold her music catalog to BMG for an estimated $50 million a few weeks back.

These days, Tina lives in the peace and quiet of her Switzerland home with her husband Erwin.

In a new interview with Vanity Fair Tina explained the importance of the items she keeps in her home.

"I have, for example, some artifacts of Egyptian art. I like to be surrounded by these and other collectibles. It is not at all about whether they are expensive or valuable. The important thing is that I have a personal relationship with each one. I also love the view of Lake Zurich from our garden—I enjoy the peace and quiet," she explained.

When asked if she misses anything about performing, Tina was honest saying "No, it was a great time, but it’s in the past."

Instead of performing for tens of thousands of fans, the singer entertains in her garden.

"I love to sit in my garden and listen to nature, take loving care of my plants. I also enjoy chatting with friends. Recently Cher came to visit. We gossiped and laughed a lot. We had a great time!" she told the publication.

As fans may know, Tina will turn 82-years-old on November 26.

"I’d have to ask Erwin if he has anything planned," she said of her birthday plans. "We’ll celebrate in a small circle, but certainly nothing big."

As for her most special birthday, the songstress revealed it was the birthday she spent marrying Erwin.

"The most beautiful celebration was definitely my wedding with Erwin in 2013. It was beautiful to have the loved ones around."

She was then asked about the greatest gift she had ever received, to which she replied her husband.

We're so glad Tina is getting the bliss she deserves.

h/t: Vanity Fair