Eye-Opening TikTok Proves We Need To Stop Comparing Ourselves To Images Online

Not everything you see on social media is true. That's something that we're becoming aware of more and more. I don't know about you, but I thought that it's only easy to manipulate pictures. But as it turns out, you can also do it with videos, too

So this one TikToker is showing us all that people can easily fool us. In fact, many videos out there are edited to show an unrealistic idea of beauty.

Doina Ciobanu is a creative director, sustainability consultant, and a former model.

So she definitely knows something about posing for a photo in order to get your best angle. She also understands how the industry has portrayed the perpetual unrealistic standards of beauty.

This is something she's working hard to change.


At least, she shedding some light on the effect of social media on the lives of young people, including her younger sister, who is only 15. Her experience and that of her peers prompted Ciobanu to do something.

That's why Doina is posting some eye-opening videos on TikTok.

Unsplash | Amanda Vick

In them, she shows how easy it is for people to alter their looks in their videos. All you need are some apps, and you can totally change your appearance.

Ciobanu herself suffered from eating disorders.

Unsplash | Hannah Xu

And it's the last thing she would want her younger sister to go through. The unrealistic view of other people's appearance can have a negative effect on a young person who doesn't even realize it.

So Ciobanu started posting these videos where she shows herself unedited and edited.

Even though the differences are subtle, you can still see how they could affect a young person watching the video. These videos could definitely start a whole comparison game.

Let me show you exactly what I mean.

Once you watch the actual video, you'll understand it more. You can see how the waist is altered in the edited video here. It's a small detail, but to a young person, it could seem so huge. Don't you think so?

Check this out.

Even something as silly as making your legs seem longer is what some people end up resorting to. I honestly wouldn't bother doing something like this, but I can see why it can have such an appeal.

Here's another video that clearly shows a smaller waist in the edited version.

And it's these types of false ideals that Ciobanu wants her sister to avoid. When a child is of an impressionable age, it's easy to compare themselves to others.

Doina doesn't want to shame anybody for doing this.

However, she does want to bring attention to this unhealthy practice to show young people to appreciate their own appearance.

I think it's really commendable of her to do so. What's your take on it? Do you think the work she's doing is showing a good example to young people out there?