Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Rare Childhood Picture With 'Original' Scream Queen Mom Janet Leigh

Jamie Lee Curtis is at it again, folks! As you may have seen a few weeks ago, actress and overall superstar Jamie Lee honored her mother Janet Leigh during the red carpet premiere of her latest film, _ Halloween Kills_ by recreating her iconic Psycho outfit, finished with a bloody shower curtain.

Now, Jamie is remembering her mom with a sweet throwback photo in honor of Halloween.

it's safe to say Jamie Lee Curtis got her knack for thriller films from her mama, the "original" scream queen Janet Leigh!

Critics and fans of the horror genre would agree that one of the greatest films of all time is the 1960 classic Pyscho starring Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh and Vera Miles.

The cult classic is beloved by horror fans everywhere, probably a lot of the same people who love Jamie's Halloween franchise!

What some younger fans may not know is that Janet Leigh, who plays the infamous role of Marion Crane in "Psycho" is Jamie Lee Curtis' mother!

Two iconic scream queens in one family?! How cool is that?!

On Halloween night, Jamie remember her mother with a sweet Instagram post and a rare photo from her childhood.

"HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I never felt HOTTER than when I went trick or treating as a little Dutch girl," the actress wrote. "When I was young we often had my birthday party on Halloween as my birthday isn't for a month but because it falls near the Thanksgiving holiday and anyone who has a birthday near a holiday can attest you feel a little gypped because you're friends can't come. I must've been around eight as I was missing my front teeth."

"Also my mother hired a professional photographer to get group and individual pictures of each of the kids in their costumes and the before at the early dinner and the after picture, where my sister, Kelly and I are exhausted from our candy hunt with our tired mom posing as a tired mom," she continued.

"The joys of innocence. The thrill of wearing a costume. Can't wait to see what people will wear this year. Be safe everyone. Love and misses to my mother, the OG SCREAM QUEEN, Janet Leigh!" the 62-year-old concluded.