Company Makes Groovy Boats Modeled After Vintage Volkswagen Buses

I have to admit something to you — I've always wanted a VW bus. You know that nostalgic, hippie kind of vibe? There is just something so cool about it. Don't you think?

Well, if you love it too, you're going to absolutely flip over what I'm about to show you. Hold on to your seat because this is seriously going to blow your mind.

This summer we went to a little beach town.

And I stumbled upon the sweetest seafoam blue VW bus. Oh, yeah! It literally revived my love for this iconic van. And now I want one of my own even more, ha, ha!

How do you like that?

Unsplash | Ian Usher

What did I tell you? It's pretty sweet, huh? Well, you're about to see it transformed into something out of this world. So are you ready? Let me tell you all about it. Let's go.

Apparently, there's a company out there that will makeover a VW van into a pontoon boat.

OMG, what? I can honestly say that I've never heard of an idea like that, but I like the sound of it, ha, ha! Let's check it out.

This is what I'm talking about.

Holy moly! I can't believe what I'm actually looking at here. It's a floating VW van, hee-hee. Isn't this the coolest thing you've ever seen? This is definitely taking the van living to the next level.

An Italian designer, Pierpaolo Lazzarini of Lazzarini Design, came up with this idea.

His latest startup project, called Floating Motors, turns classic cars into functional water vehicles. However, these boats are actually replicas of classic cars and not the vehicles themselves.

Here's what I found out.

These “resto-floats are intricate clones of classic car designs fabricated in fiberglass or carbon fiber. Oh my! Who knew that was even possible, huh? Then the replicas are retrofitted with a floating hull and a motor. Wow!

Could you see yourself chilling on one of these boats?

I sure could. What a life that would be? Honestly, if we had one of these babies docked at the shore here, people would definitely be pretty in awe of it, that's for sure.

Isn't this incredible?

Check out this cool video that shows you how these car boats look up close. What did I tell you? This is next-level. The VW bus could practically be a houseboat compared to the smaller sizes of some of their other designs. Nice!

Okay, so would you ever buy one of these classic cars that function as a boat?

Heck, if I had the money, I would do it in a heartbeat. For now, this is only a Kickstarter campaign, but the company hopes to start making these boats pretty soon. And I, for one, am pretty excited about it.