Genius 'Green Screen' Dress Solves The Problem Of Never Having The Right Color To Wear

Is it just me, or do you also buy articles of clothing in multiple colors? When I find something I like, I usually try to stock up on different hues of the same outfit. I mean, why not if it's already a perfect fit?

But I was stunned when this one lady created a green screen dress that changes colors instantly. I mean, what? Check this out.

Get a load of this cool idea.

Unsplash | Solen Feyissa

Fashion designer Shay Rose who goes by Crescent Shay on Instagram came up with something really unique. She used the same technique often used on movie sets to get her dress to turn different colors and patterns.

Here's what we know of the process as seen in movie making.

Unsplash | Envy Creative

An actor is filmed in front of a green backdrop and then a fake background is added in its place. This method is what it's known as the "green screen" effect.

Do you see what I mean?

So this lady applied a similar effect to her dress. She used a bright green fabric to stitch together a dress and a cape. Then she used a photo editing app called VITA to add the green screen effect to it.

Aha! I get it now.

Isn't that such a neat idea? This is what the final effect looked like here. Oh, wow! Isn't it super cool? I would never have thought of doing something like that. The possibilities are virtually endless with this dress here, no?

This idea allowed her to create a ton of cool looks like these three here.

I bet this lady had a lot of fun playing around with the dress and the special effects in the app. It looks like a great time.

She even made a cape to go with the dress.

This allowed her to create even more fun looks, as you can see. The app she used called VITA has a special "chromakey" feature which makes it super easy to add the green screen effect.

And check this out.

Shay shows that she, too, can be invisible. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? For me, it would be invisibility, that's for sure. I mean, imagine all the places you can travel to, huh? Ha, ha!

Oh my goodness.

I love this whole idea. Shay even had more fun by playing a Rick Astley video right on her dress. Who remembers that one? Maybe I'm aging myself, but he sure was popular in the '80s. Am I right?

Whoa! How do you like this dress transformation?

Isn't it awesome? I would love to come up with an idea like that, even if it's just for the heck of it. Obviously, the dress doesn't change color unless you use the app, but still, I think it's really fun.