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People Spill The Tea About The Celebrities They Absolutely Can Not Stand

Celebrities occupy an outsized role in our society. They're instantly recognizable, and while they don't know that you or I exist, we're very aware that they exist.

So, let's get down to brass tacks: which ones are jerks? While we can't necessarily endorse the opinions shared on the r/AskReddit thread, "Which actor/actress do you absolutely despise, no matter their role?", we can certainly have fun reading them.

Mark Wahlberg

"It was really telling that his public apology for beating an Asian man into unconsciousness while screaming racial slurs at him only came up when it was potentially preventing his burger business from opening in Boston."


"He basically plays himself in everything he’s in. Definitely glad his musical career is gone."


Cara Delevigne

"Cara's only talent is being born rich and putting hair growth serum on her eyebrows. I get the impression that she only started acting because she was bored and thought it would be easy.

"I often hate models that go into acting. They take roles from actual talented people just because they look good on the movie poster."


Ruby Rose

"I saw her in Batwoman, and I gotta say, she's very bland as an actress. I think part of the problem is that they put her next to Rachel Skarsten, who is amazing, so any scene with both of them was like watching someone talk to a brick wall."



"She ruined the new Lion King movie.

"Well, Disney ruined that with the animation, but Beyoncé ruined what was left with her Queen Bey routine in the dialogue. Her duet with Donald Glover is an absolute disgrace, she stomps all over him and it destroys the point of the song."


Teri Hatcher

"Look, I'm sure she is lovely and all but I cannot tolerate her. It's to the point that I would flip the channel if she is on, or skip the pages so I don't have to read about her. I think its [sic] because she used to play Lois Lane and her role was so grating."


Bruce Willis

"He's a royal POS. Nobody in the biz likes working with him cause he's an overly demanding prima donna on sets."


"He seems like a miserable person. I don’t see how [expletive] on people could ever make you happy. Perhaps it’s its own punishment?"


Woody Allen

"I scrolled for a while and didn’t see Woody Allen? I cannot stand him or any of his movies. It all creeps me out."


"Really puts it in perspective if you look back at his movies and some of them have BIG age gaps written into the script."


Lea Michele

"Lea Michelle had a great voice, but that’s literally it. Cast members talked about how she was just as bad as her character and that she made racist comments to her coworkers."


"I always assumed she was kind of a diva, but the degree to which she was astounded me. Don’t know if those reports sunk her career or if it was something else bc I don’t think I’ve heard of her in anything since Glee except this one random made for TV movie I caught a part of a couple of years ago."


Allison Mack

"Imagine watching Smallville in 2003 or 2004 and being told that the two hot women in it would end up in the same sex cult. You'd be like 'YESSSS,' but then it happens and you learn the details and you'd be 'NOOOOOOO.'"


Lena Dunham

"She was put up on a pedestal as the face of modern feminism and her opinions were actively validated by the media for a while. People should have realized the red flags before validating every single opinion she had."


Nicolas Cage

"My German teacher really [expletive] hates Nicolas Cage for some reason. When I asked him why, he just said 'I hate his voice and his face and the way he acts' and refused to elaborate further 🤷‍♂️"


James Corden

"James Corden is the perfect example of something nobody likes but corporations and focus groups are absolutely convinced everybody loves."


"If he'd stuck to acting, he'd probably be a middlingly popular comic actor with reasonable enough talents.

"It's when he's being himself that people find him so utterly disagreeable."


Ellen DeGeneres

"I started to side eye her when she made random people famous for no reason (Sophia and Rosie), but really started to dislike her when I found her 'pranks' on YouTube. They weren't funny, they were mean.

"And then in watching an interview she did with Taylor Swift, it was obvious from Taylor's body language that Taylor was uncomfortable with the direction the interview was going and Ellen just doubles down."


John Travolta

"Surprised I had to scroll so far to find Scientology bollocks here. I thought Cruise or Moss would be first, before Travolta though."


"I've met quite a few celebrities through a past job and he stuck out as being the kindest. I guess I expected him to be weird due to the whole Scientology thing."


Ansel Elgort and Miles Teller

"I must confess to having a major inexplicable hatred of Ansel Elgort and Miles Teller. Despite both having done movies I like (Baby Driver, Whiplash), I find it so hard to be excited about any film they're in."


Bella Thorne

"Had the pleasure of replacing carpet that she burned with cigarettes at Fort Garry in Winnipeg. She also ran around topless in the lobby which wasnt reported on anywhere."


"She’s not a nice person either, she came to my old retail job and treated my coworker like [expletive]."


Gwyneth Paltrow

"No matter how well she acts, the illusion is broken because of how terrible a person she is."


"Her Goop Netflix series was the best piece of Anti-Gwyneth work I've ever seen.

"If you aren't watching people she pays sucking up to her, telling her how beautiful, successful and smart she is (literally happens), you're treated to her wild views that she's tapped into the secret to health, because she's rich and famous."


Ty Pennington

"I worked in production for many years. The absolute biggest nightmare I had to deal with was Ty Pennington. He exists in a universe which gravitates solely around him, and every other NPC around is just there for his service.

"His behavior on Extreme Makeover when the cameras weren't rolling was astoundingly juvenile and inconsiderate. They hired crew just to walk behind him and clean up the mess he drops all over the place."


Jared Leto

"Jared Leto. Pretentious, egotistical maniac on a power trip. Stopped music at a concert one time getting mad because a guy wouldn’t stand up to cheer. Turns out he (the guy) couldn’t because he was in a wheelchair."


Steven Seagal

"What’s his name, that old dude looks like a door??? Steven Seagal."


“I’m gonna give you one chance to come at me, on the count of three, and you’re gonna be sorry—-whoa whoa whoa, okay reset your stance. Don’t come at me from my blindside! How am I gonna see you? Okay I’m gonna give you one chance..”