Woman Warns Others After Overly Friendly Plane Seatmate Almost Ruined Her Life

It's a little strange to imagine a situation where someone could be too careful, too clean, or too friendly. These are all things we generally want people to be, but many of us can name a time where someone was friendly to the point of almost seeming creepy.

And while this type of person can be chattier than we might like if we find ourselves next to them on a plane, there are so many other pitfalls air travel can bring us that it's easy to forget we can even have this problem.

But as one woman's story illustrates, there's a lot more trouble we can get from a passenger who seems a little too friendly then just a mild sense of discomfort.

While the woman we're about to hear from was flying to Dubai, an older woman asked her to help her store something in the overhead bin.

As the woman tweeted out, a male passenger ended up taking care of this but the woman's new neighbor quickly struck up a pleasant, intelligent conversation with her that lasted the whole flight.

But the situation started to get strange when the plane was about to land, as the older woman immediately started complaining about stomach pains.

But while this resulted in a lot of commotion, there was something she said that stood out to the woman at the time while she was crying and holding her hand.

In her words, "She suddenly began to address me as 'my daughter.'"

When the plane landed, the man who helped the older woman store her bag also retrieved it for her. But he seemed to know something nobody else did.

As the woman put it, "But as he removed the luggage, he advised me to distance myself from this lady and make it clear to the cabin crew that we were NOT travelling together."

And when the woman's "new friend" asked her to carry her purse for her, the man looked at her and shook his head.

Although the woman did as he suggested and told the cabin crew they had just met on the plane, she felt guilty about this when she saw them lead her seatmate into a wheelchair.

However, this quickly changed when she jumped out of the wheelchair and tried to flee with her carry-on bag.

But she didn't get far before airport police arrested her, at which point she started yelling "my daughter, my daughter, how could you do this to me!"

It was at that point that the woman realized her seatmate was smuggling narcotics and tried to implicate her for the crime.

However, thanks to the man's warnings and the fact that the older woman had to admit she didn't know our protagonist's name, she wasn't arrested along with the suspect.

Nonetheless, she was still questioned and both the older woman's bags and her own were checked for each other's fingerprints.

And while it's a sad lesson to take away from this situation, the woman is now taking the officers' advice to never touch another passenger's bags to heart.

h/t: Twitter | @Unigwechidalu

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