Video Of Shirtless Orlando Bloom Painting His Daughter's Room Is What Girl Dad Dreams Are Made Of

Orlando Bloom is one of the sexiest men alive — I know, right? What a hot take! Later on in today's news, the sky is blue and the rain is wet. While his hotness is obvious, I feel like Orlando is one of the most slept on male celebs.

You all can keep your Jason Momoa's and your Henry Cavill's — I'll take Mr. Bloom any day.

Orlando Bloom's life is kind of a dream right now.

He's a father of three, including one-year-old baby girl Daisy, he's engaged to Katy Perry, and he's best known for being in not one but two of the best movie franchises of all time — come on Lord of the Ring's and Pirates of the Carribean!

I feel like I kind of skipped over the whole Katy Perry bit, but please never forget that these two are the hottest Hollywood couple.

And as fans know, the pair welcomed their first child together in August 2020 — daughter Daisy Dove Bloom.

The pair are incredibly private about their child, which I totally love, and it even better because they still keep fans in the loop!

Like when Orlando showed off a video of himself painting Daisy's room with... you guessed it — DAISYS!

The first photo shows Orlando laying down a painting template just like our own hubby's have done!

To be fair, my husband didn't want to spend the $12 on the stencils and instead free-handed our daughter's bedroom murals, but I digress.

The real star of the post, however, was the video of shirtless Orlando giving the camera a cheeky smile and laughing while being called "dad of the year" by Katy.

"Stars, they're just like us," Orlando jokes to the camera.

Just when I thought I couldn't love this man more!