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Now This Is A Boss: CEO Gave $10,000 To Every Employee And Two First-Class Tickets

Working for a big company, it's easy to feel like you are lost amongst the masses. Some CEOs and bosses don't always appreciate their employees or recognize all of their hard work.

However, there are some bosses and CEOs that use their money and their time to honor and show appreciation to their employees in generous and amazing ways.

Recently, the CEO of shapewear company SPANX had a huge surprise for her employees.

The company, which has been around for years, recently sold to a large investment company, Blackstone.

The deal was monumental for the company, especially for CEO and founder, Sara Blakely. The founder, who started the company in her 20s, never imagined it would be what it is today.

She gave a moving speech to her employees about the sale.

At a recent party to celebrate the sale to Blackstone, Blakely had a huge announcement for her employees.

She gave a special speech in which she talked about her goals and dreams for SPANX when they first began, even though not many people believed in it.

Blakely said that she wanted to empower women and create authentic products.

“I started this company with no business experience and very little money, but I cared the most about the customer, and that gave me the courage to launch the company,” she explained.

She explained that the new deal valued SPANX at 1.2 billion dollars.

Blakey wanted to throw a huge party for her employees to celebrate and, at the party, she celebrated by wearing her "lucky red backpack" she had when she was in college and started SPANX for the very first time.

She also had a few surprises in store for her employees.

To thank all of her employees for their extremely hard work and dedication, Blakey wanted to give them something really special and irreplaceable.

And, what is more, irreplaceable and special than memories created with the ones you love?

Blakey announced she was giving each employee two plane tickets to anywhere in the world.

The CEO gifted every single one of the employees with two first class plane tickets that they can use to go anywhere in the world for a vacation.

Seriously, what is better than that?!?

Top add to this, she also gave them spending money.

And, not just some pocket change. Blakey gave every employee $10,000 worth of spending money to use while they are on their vacation.

And, time off, of course, to go travel on this luxurious trip of their choice.

Obviously, employees were super excited.

To see a room full of employees celebrating so wildly and gratefully is a warming and moving experience. You can see how much the employees feel appreciated and how happy they are to have a CEO and boss who cares so much about them.

Some even shared where they would be going.

One person said that they would use the tickets and money to go on a honeymoon to Bora Bora. Going on a honeymoon is a memory and a special time with your significant other, so being able to go to do it and not have to pay for it—amazing!

Another said he was using the tickets to go elope with his significant other.

Having the money to elope in a beautiful country and make it super meaningful with you and your soon-to-be spouse is incredible and truly special. I'm sure Blakey is grateful to be a part of that memory.

The world can see, Sara Blakey really cares about her employees.

As the world can see, hard work does pay off (literally). But, also it's important to recognize who has helped you get to where you are and how to celebrate those who have helped you along the way.

How moving!