Woman Posts Her Tattoo Online To Get Some Love, But Instead, People Pointed Out Something Weird

Getting a tattoo takes a lot of thought and preparation. Getting ink on you may seem like a spur-of-the-moment decision, but it shouldn't be. Having something tattooed on you is a permanent decision, so it should be done with thought, carefulness, and even research. Making sure your tattoo is exactly what you want it to be is everything because it's really for life.

Doing research is important when wanting a tattoo.

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Not only do you want to research what you want to get done, but you also want to think about where you want it on your body.

Sometimes, putting a tattoo somewhere visible doesn't age well, when you get older and go into specific careers.

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You also want to make sure you go to a good artist.

This can make or break how your tattoo comes out.

Researching your tattoo artist is also very important because certain artists are better at specific styles and types of ink.

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You don't want to just walk into a studio and grab a tattoo, because it may not be clean, and the artist may not be trained.

You definitely want to also double check the drawing.

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Even if you do research the tattoo you want to get, you should double-check how the drawing and sketch look before your artist begins to do work on your body.

You may have asked for one thing, but the way your artist draws it may come out entirely different.

Even if you come prepared to a session, artists like to put their own spin on things.

Even if you go to a tattoo artist with a drawing already done, many tattoo artists like to put their own spin on things and their own stamp on it, too.

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So, they will redraw or resketch your idea to make it their own artistic style.

If you're not careful, you could end up with something terrible.

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If you aren't careful and double-check our work, you can end up with a huge mistake. For example, you may end up with something spelled incorrectly on your body.

Or, you may end up with something that looks like *something else* on your body, too.

One woman recently went through the wringer when she shared her new tattoo online.

She had requested something that is rather common, but, the artist put his own touch on it (or so it seems).

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Floral pieces are something that many women like to get done, but you always want to make sure your flowers come outright.

The tattoo is a woman holdin some flowers.


From roses to other types, the artist tried to make it look a bit different and even modern by adding different styles of flowers.

The rose looks like the rest of the tattoo, but two other flowers stem from the top and they are much different than the others.

While at first glance the tattoo isn't terrible, others had different thoughts.

The two flowers on top reminded many people of something *other* than a flower.

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Some people commented on the post, shared on the Facebook page " That's It, I'm inkshaming. (Actually Bad Tattoos)" saying that "those are two bootyholes" and not flowers at all.

After one person saw it, others followed suit.

People on the Facebook post began pointing out that they are "definitely buttholes," and that they were "definitely done on purpose." Many were confused as to how anyone could look at this tattoo and not see buttholes.

One person said the artist messed up big time.

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One person said the artist was "attempting to do realism" but messed it up. "Don't attempt realism if you can't do it," they wrote.

Others said they just "can't unsee it" now that they have seen it.

Moral of the story: be careful what you get tatted.

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The moral of the story is simple here: always make sure to think your tattoos through and maybe even bring a friend with you to point out when your tattoo artist may be putting buttholes on your arm.