Bartender Claps Back After Boss Sends 3 AM Message Telling Him To Work Day Off

The longer you spend your life working, the more likely you are to hear the phrase, "People don't quit jobs, they quit managers."

And while there are plenty of amicable splits within the workforce that are simply the result of someone finding a better opportunity, you can often tell when the boss really is the problem by how spicy certain ex-employees are during their exit interviews.

And if there isn't one and an employee suddenly vanishes or quits on the spot, we rarely have to even guess why that happened.

In such dramatic cases, it's hard not to get a little curious about what pissed them off so much. But sometimes we don't have to wonder because it only takes a few screenshots of a text conversation to make it patently obvious.

And I think a lot of us would have to be pretty desperate to put up with what we're about to see.

On October 17, a bartender who goes by NoPwnNoFun on Imgur shared a conversation he had early that morning with his boss.

And considering that his boss sent the first message just before 3 am, I do mean "early."

The boss said he needed him to come in from 11 am to 10 pm that day because the business was holding an event and only had one bartender.

And when the bartender said this was his day off, the boss replied, "You need to be a team player, it isn't all about you. Please come in tomorrow."

Ignoring the little guilt trip, the bartender asked why his boss waited until 3 am to assign him an 11-hour shift.

He also said that since he had every reason to assume he wouldn't be working the next day, he was already drunk and didn't want to work while hungover.

Although the boss never explained his timing for this request, he did chastise the bartender for not being prepared or staying ready for work by getting too drunk.

Because nobody sounds more prepared than a boss who scrambles at 3 am to fill a shift for an event that had presumably been booked long before then.

To the bartender, this scolding seemed akin to telling a chef not to eat on their off hours and he said he probably wouldn't have drank so much if he had more notice.

He also realized that there was a strong likelihood that the boss also knew how to tend a bar. And even if he somehow didn't, the bartender reminded him that "we literally have flash cards for each drink on the menu for each event."

That being the case, the boss could do the job just by taping them to the bar and following them.

In response, the boss told the bartender that they'd have to talk about "this attitude" when he comes in.

It was at this point that the bartender decided to inform the boss that he didn't have as much power over him as he thought.

The bartender said they'd have no such conversation because bartenders are apparently in demand in their area and he'd rather just go work for one of the "dozens" of places hiring right now.

This put the boss on alert and he told the bartender to call him before making such an "impulsive decision."

In his words, "You're making a mistake because you're drunk and you think it's a good idea, when you wake up tomorrow you're gonna regret this."

I won't repeat what the bartender said in response, but let's just say he made it clear that he's not coming back.

h/t: Imgur | NoPwnNoFun