Charity Declines Jamie Lynn Spears Donation Amid Britney Fan Backlash

In recent months, the dedicated fanbase of Britney Spears have seen the momentum of their #FreeBritney movement apparently pay off with some major developments in her fight to end the conservatorship she has lived under for 13 years.

Perhaps the largest and certainly the most recent of these developments saw her father officially suspended from his role as her financial overseer. Now, it only remains to be seen as to whether a court hearing on November 12 will see the end of the conservatorship itself.

But in the meantime, it seems that pressure has mounted on her younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, who was appointed as the trustee of her fortune in 2018.

This seemed to stem from statements by Spears herself suggesting that her sister was among the family members she accused of failing to support her and benefiting from her conservatorship.

And a recent development in the younger Spears' efforts to publish her memoirs show just how precarious her public image has become in the wake of these accusations.

On October 11, Jamie Lynn Spears announced the upcoming release of her memoir.

According to ET Online, the book will be titled Things I Should Have Said and will apparently see Spears explore her own mental health as well as the life experiences that have impacted it.

As she posted on Instagram, she was first inspired to write the book after a 2017 ATV accident threatened the life of her then-eight-year-old daughter Maddie.

But while the memoir seems deeply personal, it has been dogged by accusations that Spears is attempting to profit off her older sister's struggles.

As ET Canada reported, this wasn't helped by initial listings by Worthy Publishing and Barnes and Noble that claimed the book would be called I Must Confess: Family, Fame, and Figuring It Out, a reference to Britney's smash hit "...Baby One More Time."

As an associate of Spears who spoke under condition of anonymity told the outlet, "People are making assumptions about her book when this is not a Britney Spears tell all. This is about her life and what she’s had to live and endure."

When she announced her memoir, Spears also declared that a portion of the proceeds from the book would go to a mental health nonprofit called This Is My Brave.

According to ET Canada, this organization promotes fostering open conversations and stories about mental health struggles in the interest of destigmatizing them.

But while the subject matter of Spears' memoir likely made it seem like an appropriate avenue for a collaboration, the nonprofit saw reason to believe otherwise when their October 10 post celebrating World Mental Health Day was soon inundated with negative comments.

These comments were built on long-standing suspicions that Spears wasn't doing enough to support her sister and accused her of directly benefiting from her traumas.

As a result of the backlash, This Is My Brave has made another post on October 18 announcing that they will not be accepting proceeds from the memoir.

As Spears' associate told ET, "Jamie Lynn is extremely upset over the current situation that after violent threats and rhetoric, a charitable organization has been put in a position of no longer feeling as though they can safely accept a donation from her."

It's worth noting that the organization hasn't made any public statements indicating they've received threats.

Nonetheless, Spears' associate passed on her disappointment that she wouldn't be able to support the organization's mission and frustration that This Is My Brave's decision furthers the "negative and hurtful narrative" regarding her alleged complacency in the conservatorship.

h/t: ET Canada, ET Online

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