An Easy Trick For Making The Bed Has Been In Front of Us This Whole Time

Brittany Rae

What would we do without TikTok?

The app is full of silly dancing and songs, sure. But it's also a huge source of DIY and home hacks that help make life a little easier. And since TikTok's user base is primarily Gen Z and millennials, these hacks are often brand new to us — even if they're common sense to others.

For instance, did you know there's an actual method to a fitted sheet's madness? Yup. Let's check it out.

Fitted sheets are a pain in the ass.

Giphy | Crazy Ex-GIFs (brought to you by @bunch_of_fans)

There's no other way to put it: they suck. Putting one back on your bed is the worst part of washing your sheets, let's be real. There's the whole figuring out which side is the long side thing, and then there's those damn corners.

One TikTok user is looking to make that task easier.

"I was today years old when I [learned] that all you need to do is place the tag of the fitted sheet in the bottom right corner," @m_h_interiordesign, aka Melissa Harbers wrote in her viral video.

She demonstrated.

Simply place the tag in the corner and make the bed as you normally would! It saves you the struggle of finding the long or short side of the sheet.

Is this new information? Maybe not.

Giphy | WNYC Studios

But everyone has to learn something for the first time! There's a lot of people on TikTok who may not have people in their lives to teach them these things, you know?

I want to live in Rhona's world.

Rhona, what kind of bed do you have that all four sides of your mattress are equal? Is that a king-sized bed? I'm genuinely asking, because I want to buy one if that's the case.

Some people already knew the hack for a hilarious reason.

I too know this hack thanks to Friends! Everything I needed to know, I learned from pop culture. Sometimes the TV is the best teacher you'll ever have. Or TikTok is, for this generation.


No matter what corner the tag is in, that corner WILL come up and WILL drive me insane. Being a restless sleeper is a curse, y'all. 0/10, would not recommend.

Check your Target privilege, DARCIE.

I am BIG MAD at this comment. Americans go around flaunting their Target privilege all the time. Do y'all know how lucky you are? You can just hop in a car and go to Target whenever you want. Ugh.



Giphy | truTV

What do you think of this nifty hack? Was it new information for you, or are you someone who knew all this already? Let me know, and hopefully this helps make your next sheet washing day a little easier!