Boss Immediately Regrets Berating Worker With Broken Bones For Sitting On Stool

Unfortunately, just about all of us have seen firsthand how even a tiny bit of power can go to someone's head.

And while that can be true of the total strangers we'll come across from day-to-day, a lot of people have the unfortunate luck of working directly under someone who's prone to power trips. For them, it's not uncommon to wake up each morning and wish they were in a position to quit and never have to see the jerks in their lives again.

So when someone actually does go through with it and quit in a dramatic fashion, it's hard not to feel both intrigued and a little envious.

But if that's not already satisfying enough to see, one story of a manager's petty power play blowing up in their face should do the trick.

On the evening of October 13, an employee received an unpleasant text from their manager after a shift at an unspecified healthy living company's fulfillment center.

This worker posted a screenshot from this conversation on Reddit and in it, the manager told them that they checked the security cameras and noticed that they had spent the majority of their shift sitting on a stool.

This employee wasn't idle, but the manager nonetheless considered this "completely unacceptable behavior."

However, the employee responded that not only had they cleared it with their team's leader, but they were sitting because they broke two bones in their foot, which was documented by a doctor.

Furthermore, they made a point to mention that what the manager clearly hadn't noticed was the fact that they packed about 240 units per hour during their 12-hour shift.

This was not only considered the "pinnacle" of expected performance at this job, but it made them the most productive employee on the floor that day.

As they put it, " So, just to be clear — My impressive performance was overshadowed by the fact that I wasn't uncomfortable enough doing it?"

But while this response would have been enough to embarrass a lot of people, this particular manager doubled down.

While they couldn't fault the employee's explanation, they told them "I'm really not appreciating your attitude" and they could have told them the relevant information without being disrespectful.

In their words, "This type of behavior isn't going to get you anywhere here."

In turn, the employee made it clear that they didn't appreciate the manager wasting their time off with "some garbage you didn't bother to investigate beforehand."

They then reiterated that the company needed to get its priorities straight and figured it was no wonder why it had such issues with employee retention.

In closing, they said, "I'm not concerned with going 'anywhere' there. It's a toxic environment with ignorant people at the helm."

They then said they weren't ever coming in again, to which the manager replied "We don't need to rush to you leaving. Let's talk in the morning and we can sort this out."

But unfortunately for the manager, the time for talk was over and they now have to explain to their boss why the most productive employee suddenly quit.

h/t: Reddit | hestolemysmile

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