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The Internet Is Saying We're Reheating Pizza All Wrong — Now I Know Better

If you're a pizza lover, you know that there's nothing better than having a pizza night at home with your family and loved ones.

Ordering a large cheese pie, even with your favorite toppings, is supreme at making you feel like it's the best night ever. Why? Because everyone loves pizza and it's a night where we can take off from cooking and doing dishes.

While pizza is the best, we can't always finish it all.

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More often than not, we have leftovers when it comes to ordering pizza. And, there's nothing better than having some leftover pizza in the fridge/freezer. However, heating it up can be a bit tricky because it can be pretty hard to find the right way.

Some people like to use the oven.

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Some people enjoy using the oven to heat up their pizza because it'll get their pizza nice and crispy. However, if you use the oven, there's a possibility that you totally burn it or it becomes so hard, it tastes almost stale.

Other people use the microwave.

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Other people choose to put their pizza in the microwave because it's extremely fast and easy. However, putting pizza in the microwave can be the worst because the pizza gets rather soggy and no one wants soggy pizza.

It's pretty simple to do and you probably have everything at home.

TikTok user @aldentediva shared that instead of using the oven or the microwave, you should grab yourself a frying pan to heat up your pizza. But, you need to make sure you're putting a little bit of water in it. Yes, water.

Now, one TikTok user is here to change the way we heat up pizza forever.

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The oven may backfire and burn our slice and the microwave could leave us with wet, soggy cardboard-like cheese, but there's a new way to heat up your pizza that will change the way you look at leftovers for life. We're into it!

While it sounds crazy, the water has a purpose.

Using the water in the pan ensures that both the pizza and cheese don't get stuck to the frying pan. But, you're also going to top the frying pan off with the top to create a steam bath for your pizza.

Adding the top will help trap that heat in.

Steaming your pizza will allow for the water to turn into a good vapor and steam, which will heat your pizza and make it crispy without burning it entirely. Also, it'll ensure that the pizza doesn't get soggy as it does in the microwave.

Another shared a simple little trick.

Another commenter said they also do it this way, but, they add a little bit of olive oil at the end so that the crust gets a little fresh and crispy, too. And, who doesn't love a pizza tasting like it's just been made?

Clearly, that's one good pizza.

@aldentediva shared a glimpse at the pizza outcome that comes from the frying pan and water/steam combination, it looks fantastic. It's not burnt, not soggy, but still looking warm, delicious, and bubbly. That's a slice of pizza that we can get down with!

One person said you can still use this & the microwave combo.

Using the microwave can be quicker than heating a frying pan up and getting the entire thing going. And, when we're hungry, we don't want to wait for things to heat up. So, putting a cup of water in the microwave apparently makes it the same way.


Apparently, others do this, too.

Others on TikTok say that this is also the way that they heat up their pizza at their house and they can vouch that it totally works. We always love when commenters can tell us the real deal whether or not hacks are a bust.