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This Dad And Daughter's 'Halloween 4' Photoshoot Just Won Parenting

If you're a parent who's into costuming, you already know that there are about a million creative parent-and-kid costume getups.

One parent is raising a few eyebrows, though, with a decidedly creepy photoshoot.

Is it an awesome horror tribute or is it too weird? We'll let you be the judge.

Photographer Melissa Frawley takes some excellent photos.

You can see some examples in this recent TikTok she posted, and you can see plenty more on her page. But the photoshoot we're talking about today goes above and beyond the usual.

You all remember *Halloween*, right?

We're not talking about October 31 in general; we're talking about the classic horror film Halloween. Just in case you haven't seen a four decade-old movie, we won't spoil the plot for you.

But let's just say that things get a tad violent, and there's a big twist at the end.

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the photoshoot.

It doesn't look terribly creepy, but that's mostly because the subjects are in the background and the dad doesn't have his Michael Myers mask on.

The actual photos are totally creepy and demonstrate Frawley's excellent composition skills.

The final photoshoot is...something.

Using the autumnal sunlight of autumn, Frawley has captured images of a daughter innocently eating a bloody cake while her dad, dressed as Michael Myers, lurks creepily in the background. The composition is excellent, and the homage is spot-on.

Always lurking in the background.

The original Michael Myers mask was a cheap Captain Kirk mask that the props department covered up with white spray paint. Of course, the imagery went on to become iconic in the Halloween sequels that followed.

Mom gets in on the photoshoot, too.

This photo would provide a happy resolution to the set if it wasn't for the fact that Michael Myers is still lurking in the background. I guess if you're looking for a professional photoshoot where it looks like you're about to murder your kid, this is some good inspiration.

Responses were a bit mixed.

Some responses were creeped out a bit by the whole idea, and I can see where they're coming from. I wouldn't want any pics where it looked like I was about to violently murder a kid, but that's just me.

Most were supportive, though.

While it may be a bit creepy, most people can appreciate a good homage, and this is most definitely a good homage. Both the photographer and the subjects really went the extra mile to make it memorable.

What do you think?

If budget was no issue, what kind of professional photoshoot would you want to do with your kids? What do you think of the Michael Myers deal here? Check out the full TikTok below and share your thoughts in the comments!

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