Widowed Dad Asks For Advice After New Girlfriend Wants To Replace Mom

The death of a partner is an unimaginable loss. It's heartbreaking enough when there aren't children involved, however, explaining that loss to an infant is even more devestating. I can't imagine having to navigate those conversations, especially when your new partner is trying to replace your deceased loved one.

Now, a man is asking for advice after his new girlfriend crossed a line with his son.

A widowed dad is reaching out to the Reddit community for help after his new girlfriend left him speechless.

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In the forum, the single dad explains that his wife died while giving birth, and he's recently started dating again just after his son turned two.

"My wife of six years died during childbirth. I am now the single father to our 2-year-old son and recently started dating again. My girlfriend of 6 months is kind and loving toward my son since they met two months ago," he explained.

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He continued: "However, it's come to my attention that she is doing things that seem to show she wants to take the place of his mother. Even if I am married for 30 years, no one but his mom will ever be his mom."

He continued:

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"She isn't passing him off as her own in the strictest sense because she's not saying she gave birth to him and she will clarify to people who ask that his biological mother died, but she's definitely insinuating that she's adopted him or that she fills a mother role in his life.

"The last time my girlfriend was over I caught her trying to get my son to call her mama, and friends told me she was posting pictures of him on her social media making herself out to be his mom," he added.

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"I confronted her about it and she got angry, saying that I should be grateful that she loves my child as her own and that I found someone who would love my child as their own," he explained.

"How can I ask my girlfriend to not identify herself as my son's mom?" he concluded.

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The comments were quickly filled with people offering advice.

"Oh my gosh, you met 6 months ago and she only met your child 2 months ago? That is a huge red flag. Telling you that you should be grateful? Another red flag," wrote one user.

"You might still be grieving in some ways too," added a different user.

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"She might not be respecting the grieving process and the vulnerability that can sometimes come with that. To overstep with your child during this time is not okay."

This is such a hard situation, but I'm sure he will make the right call for his family.