Mom Wonders If She's Wrong For Feeding Daughter's Vegan Friend Meat

However it came to be, many vegans are well aware that in the minds of some, there exists a stereotype that they're pushy and overly shrill about their beliefs.

Yet it's actually pretty easy to find examples of the opposite problem in which meat-eaters crash a vegan protest to troll them or secretly feed them meat for the same reason.

Although the majority of people are happy enough to let each other eat whatever they want, there are nonetheless some who seek to turn a personal dietary choice into part of some culture war.

But while it's easy enough to figure out when someone like that is overstepping their bounds, the story we're about to go over merits a little more discussion. After all, one could argue that nobody forced anyone to do anything in it.

The mother we're about to hear from has a 12-year-old daughter and that girl's friend "M" sleeps over from time to time.

As the Mom explained in a Reddit post, M's family maintains a strict vegan diet.

Although she considers them nice and M a smart and good friend of her daughter's, the mom apparently worries that her family's diet has made M too small and pale.

This means that when M comes over, the mom loads her up with all the meat and dairy she can.

For instance, her last visit saw the mom serve cheeseburgers and steak with a big glass of milk, venison jerky for a snack, and bacon, eggs and more milk for breakfast the following morning.

While it may sound like the mom is forcing all of this on M, she ate it all with enthusiasm and asked for more.

In the mom's words, "And I have to say every time she leaves it looks like she has a healthy glow to her."

Despite this reception, however, the mom still feels conflicted about what's she's doing.

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Although she said she doesn't have anything against vegans and doesn't think she should be doing this, she still believes that M is otherwise slightly malnourished.

Nonetheless, she also suspects that M lies about what she ate to her parents and said, "She knows she'll get in big trouble if she tells her folks."

And as far as the Reddit community she reached out to was concerned, there's a reason she's having these nagging doubts.

As one user said, "So, you're going out of your way to make something you know M's parents wouldn't let her have? Based on 'she looks smaller and paler' than your daughter?

Stop substituting your judgements about how this kid is raised for her parents'. She's not your kid."

Others said that the body has trouble with such extreme jumps between vegan and meat-inclusive diets, meaning the mom is likely wreaking havoc on M's digestive system.

As another person put it, "You are not her doctor. This isn't your choice to make. Undermining her parents' dietary choices is going to do more harm than good for her."

h/t: Reddit | believeblackbodies