Dad Petitions For Period Cramps To Be Legitimate Reason For Skipping School

Everyone who has experienced a period knows how insanely painful they can be. The cramps. The bloating. The cravings. The constant need to run to the bathroom and change your pad/tampon/menstrual cup. Yep, it always feels like a losing battle.

Now, one father is fighting for his young daughter to be able to miss school because of her severe period pain, and he's not alone.

It's sad that in 2021, so many people still feel uncomfortable talking about periods.

Periods, menses, time of the time, aunt flow, monthly visitor, shark week, on the rag, girl flu — whatever you call it, it all means one thing.... MENSTRATION!

What often comes hand in hand with mensuration is period pains, or dysmenorrhea.

Unsplash | Natracare

One father is speaking out about dysmenorrhea and how it should be an officially recognized reason for school absence after having an altercation at his daughter's school.

"This morning 22nd September 2021, yes 2021, NOT 1821, I needed to contact our school's administration team to report an absence due to a medical condition," father of two Marcus Alleyne began on his petition page.

"The message was brief with no real personal details given. The reason for not divulging the details of the condition is because I was doing so on behalf of my thirteen-year-old daughter, who is not only capable of making her own informed decisions as to what information is shared with others but I would not freely discuss my daughter's health needs without her consent."

He continued: "Frankly, schools should not be requiring such information either, they are not medical professionals, nor would they fully understand the full extent or severity of any condition through a phone call. It is also highly intrusive and asking for the reason is ethically and morally questionable."

"For as long as humankind has walked the planet 50% of the human species have been menstruating, it is not only a completely natural occurrence, but it is crucial to the survival of the human race, fact! It is also a known fact that for centuries this recurring cycle has been seen as a weakness by many, particularly by men, and has resulted in decades of inequality, disparity and inequity for women and those who might be necessarily identify as female but still suffer on a regular basis."

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"We are seeing this in action still, presenting through absence policies and school assemblies. How many young females, trans and non-binary pupils are being dismissed within the education setting, as a result of diminishing their experiences, and unilaterally deciding that their discomfort does not matter."

He added: "By not allowing absences due to Dysmenorrhoea, which you are doing by considering them unauthorised, shows very clear disparities, and registering absences as unauthorised due to a medical condition only affecting women and people who menstruate is a clear demonstration."

"As the department responsible for Education it baffles me that the following archaic approach is not only alive and well but also continuing to influence practice in 2021 posing a direct risk to our young women, trans, non-binary pupils and everyone pupil has by no choice of theirs own menstruates."

Marcus signed off as "Proud father of our fierce, brave and intelligent young daughters."

The petition, which has gained nearly 80,000 signatures, has gone viral. I think this is exactly what young women need to feel empowered and validated in their suffering. I'm all for it!

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