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Teacher Shares Hilarious Results After First Graders Get Things Off Their Chests

One thing that quickly becomes apparent for many parents is that kids tend to ask a lot of questions. But while it can be exhausting to try and answer them, we can sometimes find that it's worthwhile to ask some questions of our own.

This is partially because children can sometimes surprise us with how insightful or clever they end up being. But even when that isn't the case, their active imaginations can compel them to give us some answers that we'll struggle not to laugh at.

And this was particularly true in the case of one teacher who had the brilliant idea to nudge his first graders to share their hot takes and unpopular opinions.

Some of it is just adorably goofy, while the other opinions that came up would admittedly be pretty risky to share even among adults.

On October 6, a teacher named George Pointon posted a Twitter thread telling us about the time he asked his 6-year-old students if there was anything they wanted to get off their chests.

And it seems one kid named Mo understood the assignment because he said, "Dance Monkey is my favorite song."

Pointon acknowledged that this is widely considered a terrible song, which likely isn't helped by the fact that so many people couldn't escape it on the radio throughout the last couple of years.

However, Mo likes to dance to it and Pointon admitted that he enjoys the song too. He figures it managed to wear him down.

Another kid named JJ came in hot with an opinion that would shock a lot of people of all ages: "Pizza isn't very nice."

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And from the sounds of it, that one was controversial enough that none of JJ's classmates knew how to respond to it.

As Pointon wrote, "There was a silence in the room. Like the last shot fired at Starlingrad. A strange stillness fell before the group."

But despite the stunned reaction, Pointon commended JJ for not being a sheep and knowing both who he is and what he wants.

But while these first two could probably ignite a heated debate in any friend group, a lot of the other kids' bold statements were adorably milquetoast.

Take little Rory's statement that "loud noises are too loud" or Joe's big statement that he likes going to the movies.

Still, I can't exactly say Rory is wrong here and it doesn't seem like Pointon can either. In my case, honking your car horn is probably the fastest way to make me mad at you

Others took their moments to share little facts, but one kid's statement only made our imaginations run away with us.

As one girl named Lola said, "My Daddy says little Sister has a head like a traffic cone."

This apparently made Pointon laugh so hard that he sprayed tea everywhere and he tweeted out, "I'm now completely fixated with the cone headed baby."

It's certainly hard not to be curious about what this baby actually looks like, but I'm guessing the dad is exaggerating just enough for any revelation to be disappointing.

Hopefully, those kids feel better now that they've gotten such deeply-held secrets out.