TikToker Proves Uber Increases Prices If Phone Battery Is Dying

In many cities, car apps and companies are replacing the standard taxi cab service. Big cities such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Austin are swarmed with different types of apps like Uber and Lyft that are used to transport people from place to place, safely and effectively. Many people prefer to use apps like this because they're easy to navigate.

Over the years, Uber has become one of the most popular riding apps around.

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Since the app and platform was founded in 2009, it has taken off all over the world where people can use it to catch a ride from place to place. It's especially great when traveling, where people are looking to get around new cities and foreign places.

However, over the years, Uber has had its fair share of controversy.

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Many of Uber's controversies have surrounded price surging and charging more in specific areas and for specific customers. Uber was rumored to charge more for riders in "bad" neighborhoods and was even accused of charging more for minority riders, too.

Recently, a viral TikTok video shared that Uber was price surging, again, for people on the app.

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In a video posted on TikTok by user @tony.aube, Tony and a friend shares that some corporations try to squeeze more money out of average people—trying to profit off of the "little guys," AKA all of us who use their products and apps.

In the video, they share that Uber will profit on you if you're desperate.

The two share that if you have a phone that is about to die when trying to book an Uber, the app will price surge your ride. This is because they know that the users are desperate and want to get more money while they can.

Using two phones side-by-side, they tested the theory.

The two friends looked up a ride to the same address side-by-side using two phones. On one phone, the price was $129.48. The driver was three minutes away. However, when using a phone with a lower battery percentage, things changed.

For the same ride, it was 20% more.

For the same ride, from the same place, going to the same location—the price went up 20%. Before, it was only $129.48, but with a phone nearing a dead battery, it was $154.00. That's a huge surge in pricing for the same ride.

The two shared that there's one way to avoid this!

In order to avoid this kind of specific price surge, the two shared that keeping your phone charged is probably the best way to go. Plus, truly, who wants a dead phone (especially if you're traveling alone)?

People on TikTok shared that some already knew about this.

One person said it's absolutely true because it happened to him last week. He was looking for an Uber that was $40, and before he knew it, it became $69 when his phone was almost dead. That's a $29 price hike.

However, one person said it may have been due to "searching the same location."

One person said that when you search a location multiple times, or other people are also searching for a drop off to that location, the price will go up for that trip. So, maybe having two people search the same location next to each other made it hike.

Another said that they also price hike for going to your own home.

One TikTok user said that the app also charges more money if you're going home to your own house. They said that they realized it when they began to put their neighbor's address in instead of their home address.

Uber isn't the only travel app doing the shady business though.

A TikTok user also shared a sneaky secret that airlines charge a more expensive price to those who have a more expensive phone if they are booking tickets on a phone. For example, the brand new iPhone will charge you more than an older Android.