Tweet About Sorting Laundry Into Lights And Darks Sparks Debate Online

Big questions are being asked on Twitter.

Lately, we've been covering Reese's candy debates and whether chili pairs with cinnamon buns (yes, really). Today, we have something slight different on the menu: laundry discourse.

Do you separate your lights from darks, or do you wash it all together? That's the big question of the day, and the debate is HEATED.

All of this started with a guy named Zach.

Zach Silberberg, a former writer on Netflix's Patriot Act (which was an awesome show, I totally recommend it) posted an observation the internet: people under 40 straight-up do not separate their laundry into lights and darks.

So, here's the thing: I have never, ever done that.

I know I should. I was taught that I should. But I only wear dark clothes, firstly. And secondly, if I have anything light in there, I do exactly what Zach said: I was 'em on cold.

In my 32 years of life, I have 100% success rate with this method.

Unsplash | Denny Müller

The ONLY thing I separate is towels, and it's not because towels are special — it's because they're friggin' bulky. I live in an apartment with a tiny washing machine, and my clothes always take priority over the towels.

Another user decided to do a poll.

Honestly, this race is tighter than I thought it would be. Of the 466,233 votes cast, a majority answered that they definitely don't separate their laundry. However, 38.2% said they do. That's higher than expected.

11.4% of people separate more than that.

And to those people I must ask: WTF are you doing with your laundry? Where do you get the time and money to do endless loads of laundry like that? Teach me your secrets.


My last apartment had coin laundry machines. It felt like a total rip-off to be paying them even more money to do my damn laundry, so of course I wasn't going to separate my clothes and spend even more money.

Of course, someone had to raise the red sock issue.

Yo, who the hell is buying red socks in 2021? Unless they're Christmas socks, I suppose. Regardless, if you buy red socks, you gotta be prepared for the consequences.

Someone pointed out something important.

I mean, is the phrasing deeply upsetting? Yes. Is it a very good point? Also yes. Laundry sauce, aka detergent, is crazy powerful these days. Clothes bleed dye less and get way cleaner.

Now THIS person is doing some galaxy brain thinking.

This is the only logic that would get me to start separating my laundry. I hate folding clothes SO MUCH, but maybe I would hate it less if I could fold them in categories and put them away quickly. Things to think about.

Randy, what?

Randy here does four different loads of laundry over multiple days. Randy, when do you get the TIME for this? If laundry takes me days, it's because I forgot to put the stuff from the washer in the dryer and have to wash it AGAIN.

Shoutout to this Gen X-er.

She's doin' it the right way. I admire her ability to separate out the things that need to hang dry. I buy stuff that doesn't require that, because I am very much a Megan when it comes to those things.

One person came to the rescue.

Good 'ol Alexis decided to look up what the symbols on our clothing tags mean. I knew about half of these, but those heat instructions? No clue. Brand new information right there.

Zach got one final shot in before signing off.

If you're extremely online like me, you know how friggin' funny this is. If you're not...keep scrolling, your life is infinitely better than mine and I bet your laundry is sorted better than mine, too.

So, what's the verdict?

Are you a laundry sorter, like your parents before you? Or do you chuck it all in on cold and go about your day?

Whichever side you fall on, take comfort in knowing you're not Randy at his multi-day laundry experience. Whew.