These Stuffed Pizzas Shaped Like Skulls Are Perfect For Spooky Season

Lots of people love pizza, and lots of people love Halloween.

Of course, this begs the question: how can the two be combined?

One Canadian pizzeria has come up with a delicious way to mark the month of Halloween, and it's got me planning a road trip to Toronto to see for myself.

Halloween demands spooky snacks.

Unsplash | Sabina Music Rich

Naturally, the snack food aisle of the grocery store is full of treats that mark the spooky season. But these are usually random snacks and treats, not the kind of thing you could make a meal out of.

A pizzeria is using skulls for inspiration.

Unsplash | Lina White

Skulls and skeletons are perfect decorations for the spooky season, and Four Brothers Pizza has married skulls with pizza to create something that's truly special. They've truly gone the extra mile with their skull-shaped pizzas.

The restaurant is expanding.

It started out in Oakville, a suburb outside of Toronto, but has since moved into the big city. I'm not going to credit pizza skulls for saving the business, but I don't think they hurt business, either.

Here they are, in all their skeletal glory.

"We knew that for us to be different and to gain a lot of attention, we needed to come out with something that was worth taking a photo of and sharing it with all your friends and family," explained Four Brothers Pizza founder Farhad Ghousy.

They're a big hit every year.

These picture-perfect stuffed pizzas have exploded in popularity over the years.

"Every single year, we double or triple the previous year in sales of the pizza skulls, exceeding our expectation," Ghousy said. "Last year we had to stop taking pre-orders ten days before Halloween."

They sold over 5,000 of these last year alone.

It's no surprise, either. They're great to photograph, come in a convenient size (not quite bite-sized, but way smaller than a calzone or panzerotti, and the way they're baked to a perfect golden brown makes them look amazing.

They're hoping to sell 15,000 of them this year.

That sounds like a lot, but the restaurant is expanding to the big city. That, and the fact that these pizza skulls are totally Instagram-worthy, makes the goal seem pretty reasonable, really.

I need to try these for myself.

Make sure to check out Four Brothers Pizza on Instagram, then let us know your thoughts. Do you have a go-to treat or recipe that you like to bust out in October? Make sure to share your comments!