Simple Dollar Store DIY Has People Making Spiderweb Rugs For Spooky Season

Who here loves to deck out their home for Halloween? I'm raising my hand first, ha, ha! Over the years, I have collected so many trinkets that I now have two boxes.

However, I have to admit I haven't done any DIY decorations. I simply lack the time. But, wait a second — I just stumbled upon this easy TikTok tutorial that won't break the bank.

One of my favorite things I do for Halloween is putting up spiderwebs around the house.

Do you do that, too? It's fun, right? But what if I told you that there's an easy and creative DIY project you can do that's super cheap?

Oh yes, that's right. I bet I have your full attention now.

Unsplash | Dollar Gill

Get this: I recently saw the cutest Halloween-inspired spider web mat you can make yourself. And all you need are a few things from the dollar store. Aha!

Check this out.

This lady going by the TikTok handle @jull.colors posted a tutorial on the platform. She picked up a black rectangular floor mat from Dollar Tree (or any similar discount store) and went to town on it, ha, ha!

She drew the spiderweb on the mat with a white marker.

Then, she cut it just about an inch away from the outside border. And then she burned the edges with a lighter for that smoother finish. Isn't that genius or what?

Next, she started painting it over.

She used three coats of acrylic paint and painted the edges black to enhance the details. Don't you love how this whole thing is coming about? Wow, what a great idea. I totally dig it.

Here's what the final mat looks like in the house.

OMG! Isn't that so cool? I can't get over how easy, fast, and cheap, this idea is here. I'm going to head over to my nearest dollar store to look for a plain mat.

It's no wonder people on TikTok fell in love with it too.

I mean, this is so brilliant. I can't believe I've never thought of doing this myself. How about you? Would you have come up with something like this if you didn't see this tutorial?

If you want to follow the tutorial to a tee, here's the actual video.

I'm totally saving it for later so I can replicate this process myself. I think this spider web mat will look so spooky in my kitchen.

So what's the verdict?

Are you going to create this mat yourself this Halloween? I really want to do this.

Don't you love cool ideas like this that are easy to make and super cheap? Nobody is going to be able to tell this was done with a dollar store mat, ha, ha!