Cat Who Spilled Pot Of Catnip And Got 'High As A Kite' Is Living His Best Life

Being a cat owner is the best. They're a relatively low-maintenance pet (especially in comparison to their peer, dogs) they're intelligent and they don't even need to be let out to pee. Yep, I love having cats and probably always will.

As a generous cat owner, I always try to keep my pet's catnip supply full, and thankfully, they've never tipped over the whole pot...

Cats are simple creatures, really. They just need attention, food, water, fresh litter and catnip.

But just a little catnip, you know, not a lot of catnip.

However, sometimes things happen, and your cat dumps out the entire tub of it and gets a little loopy.

Well, this exact thing happened to TikToker @abbygibz while she was trying to treat her cat to a little nip.

Sharing the accident on the popular video app, Abby showed what happened when her "cat decided to dump out all of his catnip."

Viewers can see Abby's cat sniffing the catnip while she holds her head in her hands.

As you can imagine, things took a turn quickly for this cat, which was shown in a pic following the video.

"That cat is absolutely cooked," commented one user.

"This cat knows who let the dogs out," joked a different user.

"This cat is as high as a kite to be honest," said another.

Watch the full video below:

And just in case you were wondering, the cat is totally fine! Just make sure to quickly clean up the catnip if this happens to you!