Daniel Craig Finally Got A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame But Fans Can't Get Over His Suit

Look, I love a man in a suit, okay? I'm only human! I love all types of tuxedos, however, there is nothing I love more than a classic black tux with a bowtie, ala James Bond if you will. Last week, Daniel Craig stunned fans in a velvet pink tuxedo jacket and now, the star is showing off his range in a powder blue suit while accepting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

It's hard to believe the upcoming James Bond film "No Time To Die" with be Daniel Craig's last role with the franchise.

Having taken over the role in 2006 with his debut film Casino Royale, the 53-year-old has appeared in five Bond movies.

Of course, everyone has their favorite actor's depiction of the beloved spy, and I think Daniel is up there for me now!

However, can you believe after this long, the actor is just now getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

On Wednesday night, the actor was making headlines for the honor but also for his powder blue suit.

I truly can't believe how handsome he looks in a bold color!

"No Time to Die" costar Rami Malek gave a heartfelt speech to his friend and colleague.

"We all know he's a superb actor, he's dedicated, he can handle all his own stunts with one hand tied behind his back and the other holding a Negroni," Rami said, as per the BBC.

"But he's as fastidious about his craft as he is about his empathy for everyone around him."

Rami continued: "He has this ability to hold these two potentially opposing things at the same time - an incredible amount of talent and responsibility and an incredible warmth and acute awareness of what those around him need."

Before his star was unveiled, Daniel thanked producers Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

"I thank you from the depth of my heart, without you I would not be here today - thank you for those lovely words."

"Thank you to Rami for those beautiful, beautiful words."

"I never thought I'd say this, but it's an absolute honor to be walked all over in Hollywood," the actor joked.

He continued by saying he was keeping his speech short and sweet:

"If happiness was measured by the company we keep, then me being on this pavement surrounded by all of these legends makes me a very, very, very happy man. So thank you very much."

Appropriately, Daniel's star is located just steps away from former James Bond star Roger Moore.

Now that is one handsome stroll down Hollywood Blvd, am I right?

However, despite all the emotional, heartfelt speeches, I just think we need to talk about his SUIT.

What can I say, I'm only human after all!

And if my husband asks, I haven't been spending the past 10 minutes talking about Mr. Bond and his striking blue ensemble, okay?

It's hard to believe it's the end of an era for Daniel Craig, but there's no denying he's gone out with a bang.

Now, can we please give Idris Elba a call?