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People Praise Woman Who Goes The Distance To Catch Her Man Cheating

In a relationship, the worst thing that anyone can find out is that their significant other is cheating on them.

There's no pain quite as bad as giving your all to someone and loving them with everything you've got, only to find out that they are two-timing you for someone else. Sometimes, when we get a hunch, we'll go to any length to find out the truth.

Many people sometimes have a gut feeling that their partner is cheating.

Whether it's from a hunch or a hint that's been dropped, or even an unanswered call or text message, sometimes people just know that their significant other is dogging them.

When we feel this way, we'll go to great lengths to get down to the truth, even if it takes a lot of work.

TikTok user Chloe recently shared a video of a friend of hers who found her partner was cheating, but in a way that'll make your head spin.

Chloe Powell recorded her friend talking about exactly how she caught her boyfriend cheating and all it took was a lot of time and her social media expertise.

But, in order to understand and even recreate this, you must have a lot of time on your hands.

First, the girl went on Instagram.

The girlfriend went on Instagram and saw her boyfriend was out and decided to go to the location tag of where he was.

Next, she decided to go on every single girl's Instagram profile who was also tagged at the location.

Then, she went to their "Instagram stories."

For each girl tagged at the location, she went to their profile and watched *all of their Instagram stories to see what they were up to and who they were with.

But, more importantly, she screen recorded the stories so she can save them to her phone.

Once saved to her phone, she slowed down the videos.

Slowing down the videos made it possible for her to see if her boyfriend was out with other girls and in the background of photos.

In the end, she announced that not only did it work, but she actually "caught him!"

Some people thought it was psycho behavior.

Some people online thought it was unhealthy and psycho behavior because she was literally "stalking" people online just to figure out if her boyfriend was out and doing things with other people. Others said she should let her "man live."

Others praised her.

One girl said that the girl was right because she had a "gut feeling" and went after what she knew was going to happen. She said the "psycho" part is that the guy thought that he wouldn't get caught at all.

One person pointed out that people are unfairly judging the girl.

Others jumped in and said it's only "psycho" because a girl is doing it to catch her cheating man. If the cops did it, people would say it's good investigation skills—and, they should probably take notes and know how to use social media to their advantage.

Another pointed out though that they could never be this involved.

Other users came in and said that they couldn't be bothered enough to go on social media and stalk someone this hard.

While the girl is happy to have figured out how to catch her "cheating boyfriend," at the end of the day, it's a lot of hoops to jump through.