Fed Up Mom Confronts Bus Driver Who Makes Her Kids Cry Every Day

Being a parent comes with the fierce and powerful desire to protect your children. When you find out someone is causing them trouble, or worse, actual harm, you want to do everything in your power to make sure that person is punished.

That's what one mom was trying to do when she filmed her childrens' school bus driver.

What she didn't expect was for the confrontation to go viral.

Nor did she expect the bus driver's reaction to her reasonable request.

The mother on TikTok had the unexpected moment go viral recently.

User @cassahfrass1 uploaded an encounter with her children's school bus driver in which she asked the driver to stop yelling at her kids.

This confrontation came after her kids were reportedly coming home crying every day, claiming the bus driver yelled at them.

I think we can all agree than any parent would be concerned if their kid came home crying one day. A pattern of it would be seriously upsetting.

She begins filming as the bus rounds the corner.

She lets her kids start to get on, then calls out to the driver, "Please don't yell at my kids today."

The bus driver immediately snaps back, saying "I don't yell at your kids!"

Cass insists that she does, and the driver again refutes that she does not.

Personally, considering how quickly the defenses came up, I'd be willing to bet that this isn't the first parent to bring up this problem with this bus driver.

The driver is clearly upset by the accusation.

"You shut your mouth!" she says, pointing at Cass as she hands masks to the kids.

She repeats herself as Cass says, "You're not gonna talk — Who do you think you are?"

The driver repeats the same question back at her.

Cass pleads with her.

"I'm asking you not to yell at my kids!" she exclaims.

"How dare you tell me not to yell at your kids?" The driver responds. The door is then closed by the driver, who soon leaves and potentially even flips Cass off, though she isn't sure.

A few follow-up videos were made.

In one, she explains other behavior the driver engages in that her kids have reported to her besides the frequent yelling, which includes grabbing her son's arm and pushing him into his seat and calling her an asshole to her daughter's face.

This also isn't her first time bringing this up to authorities.

The viral video wasn't the first step in her trying to bring light to how this driver is treating her children. She'd contacted both the school district and the bus garage that employs this driver, but the school can't do anything and the garage said they lost all the on-bus camera footage.

So she filmed this video and sent it to them, in which they say that the driver is being perfectly fine to her kids.

Sure...the driver isn't yelling at the kids in this video, but come on!

Plus, all of the footage from that bus being missing is totally sketchy. If this is an issue that has gone on long enough for the mom to notice a pattern, then attempt to contact multiple people of authority and wait for their responses before resorting to taking this now-viral video, then there should be at least some footage of that bus on one of the many days all that would have taken.

Her story has had plenty of reach.

In her current final update video, she films a TV news segment that tells her story and features an interview with her about the situation.

Though the comments have been turned off on all her videos, she alludes to having received a mix of support and criticism from viewers. Hopefully, all this attention results in some sort of disciplinary action towards that driver.

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