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Italian Farmer Grows World’s Largest Pumpkin, Sparks Rivalry With Belgian Farmer

One Italian farmer recently smashed the record for world's largest pumpkin in a manner that Billy Corgan would have been proud of.

However, with the world pumpkin championship (yes it's a real thing) coming up in Germany later this month, one Belgian farmer thinks that he may be on track to break the record once again.

Stefano Cutrupi broke the world record thanks to his mammoth pumpkin which weighed over 1,000kg!

Cutrupi, pictured above in orange, showcased his behemoth of a pumpkin at Italy's 'Lo Zuccone' pumpkin championship on the 26th September.

The actual weight of Cutrupi's pumpkin was a staggering 1,226kg. Cutrupi has apparently spent around fourteen years hoping to break this record.

The president of the Italian Pumpkin Championship explained that pumpkin growing is a serious matter.

Alessio Ribechini explained, "It is not easy to obtain such results. Some may see this as amusing but this can only be achieved with specific genetics, research, crossbreeding, and special agronomic techniques," in an interview with The Times.

However, with the upcoming world championships, Cutrupi has a rival in the form of Belgian farmer Vangeel Mario.

Vangeel Mario hopes to bring the world record back to Belgium by growing an even larger pumpkin to present at the world championships on October 10th. Who knew that pumpkin growing could be so competitive?!

There is also a pretty substantial $13,000 cash prize for wining the competition, as well as the glory of winning.

Speaking again to The Times, Vangeel explained some of the details behind the process of competitive pumpkin growing:

"In March I planted the seed. Every day I give my pumpkin a little bit of water and also fertilizer. Everyone has their own secret recipe in the pumpkin world [...] When the championship is over, we hollow out the pumpkin. The seed we keep to sell because that will be worth something."

Growing a pumpkin over 1,226kg is no mean feat!

There is set to be a pretty intense competition at this year's world pumpkin championship as Italy and Belgium battle it out for first place, but that's not to say that another grower may sneak in and nab the title.

I never knew that the world of competitive pumpkin growing was such an intense sport, but I am glad that I do now!

h/t: Times

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