'Disgusted' Vegan Woman Angry At Grocery Store For 'Tricking Her' Into Eating Meat

Every day, it seems like more and more people are opting for a vegan or "plant-based" lifestyle. While I could never do it myself, I applaud those who are making decisions they believe are best for themselves.

Since the vegan population is growing, it also means more and more meat-less options are becoming available at the grocery store, which has lead one woman into a viral rage.

Going grocery shopping these days looks nothing like how it used to.

I would love to see my great-grandma go food shopping in 2021 — gluten-free this, meatless that, vegan this, omega-3 infused that.

It would be a lot to take in!

Now, one woman is actually bashing the amount of non-meat items there are out there, despite being a vegan!

Unsplash | gemma

In a now-deleted tweet, a woman in Australia called out a grocery store chain for selling their real meat products beside their vegan products.

Sharing a picture of the freezer, you can see that plant-based burgers and plant-based meatballs were placed beside boxes of "I'm Free From" brand chicken nuggets and chicken tenders.

Twitter via 7News

However, the chicken items are free from gluten, not meat-free like the other food placed on the same shelf reports 7News.

"Is it intentional that you put non-vegan products on the shelf between two vegan products?" asked the woman on Twitter.

"I am disgusted that you’ve just tricked me into buying & eating chicken, when we are all trying so hard to save the planet. Do you not care at all?" she added.

A spokesperson for the Coles grocery store chain told 7News they would be investigating her claims and are committed to providing more options for vegan customers.

Unsplash | Dennis Siqueira

"We have a growing number of customers choosing to purchase vegan and meat-alternative products and we are working hard to continue to expand that range to meet their demands," the statement read.

"Where possible we group similar items together, but this is not always possible due to the different shelf space and layouts in our stores across our network."

The statement concluded: "We are concerned to hear about this customer’s experience and have referred this issue to the National Grocery Space Department for their consideration."

This is tricky, for sure! Make sure to always double-check your products, folks!