Candace Cameron Bure Claps Back After Trolls Roast Her Dancing TikTok

Actress and '90s icon Candace Cameron Bure is best known for being timeless and eternally youthful. I mean seriously, she looks the exact same as she did 20 years ago.

DJ Tanner was a huge part of so many people's childhoods, and now that Candace is a grown queen, she is dealing with a lot of issues I only wish Danny Tanner could help her with nowadays!

Candace Cameron Bure deals with a lot of trolls on a daily basis.

Sure, it's par for the course when you're a celebrity, but I think the amount of hate Cameron gets, especially from her fundamentalist Christian following, is higher than average.

Who can forget a few months back when she was called out for a video she made about the Bible?

Back in July, the Fuller House star lip-synced to the Lana Del Rey song “Jealous Girl” while holding a Bible close to her chest for a TikTok video.

"When they don’t know the power of the Holy Spirit," she captioned the clip.

The song's lyric's included, “Baby, I’m a gangster too and it takes two to tango/You don’t wanna’ dance with me, dance with me.”

Fans quickly accused the openly Christan actress of being too sexy.

"The Holy Spirit isn't seductive. What is this???" one fan wrote.

Candace soon apologized for the video and promptly took it down.

Now, Candace is getting called out again for a TikTok video.

This time, the 45-year-old participated in a viral dance trend to the Kenny Chesney song "When The Sun Goes Down."

While many fans were loving the video, others just had to find something negative to say.

However, Candace was having none of it!

When one follower commented: "I thought you were a Christian???” Candance responded by saying, "Am I missing something?!!! Is this not just a fun dance?"

"Quick call 911 someone stole your [explective]," wrote another troll, to which Candance replied, "Get a life."

Thankfully, Candace had many fans in the comments supporting her.

Whatever happened to if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?!