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Starbucks Employee Breaks Down In Emotional Video: 'I'm Going As Fast As I Can'

If you've ever worked in the foodservice industry, you know how utterly infuriating it can be. You really don't know anything about stress until you've worked behind a food counter with a line out the door and no one to help you out.

So when I see viral videos of fast-food employees sticking up for themselves, I can't help but cheer them on — it's in my blood!

There's no denying that many young people these days lack a certain work ethic.

While most don't want to get jobs at all, others don't pride themselves in the work their parents once did.

Working a fast-food job isn't easy, and should be able to teach young people about the duties and responsivities of the workforce.

However, it's not uncommon to hear horror stories from fast-food employees. I know, right? Next, I'm going to tell you the sky is blue.

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One viral video is bringing attention to one young woman's struggle as a Starbucks employee, and it's (hopefully) making people reconsider how they treat their baristas.

TikTok user @rachelkeaton is speaking out about how horrible people have been treating her and her fellow co-workers since the pandemic.

Rachel begins by explaining that the coffee shop was slammed from both mobile orders and in-person orders. In addition to that, one of the ovens was broken, meaning food was taking longer than usual.

"This pandemic happened, people decided that it was too much to handle and they left their jobs. Jobs like this. And that's fine, like I understand it's too hard."

Rachel then goes on to say the lack of staff isn't as much of an issue as the aggressive, rude customers refusing to understand.

"I think we’re in this predicament because you think it’s not your problem. You expect all of the food industry workers to adjust with working during a pandemic, you expect us to be working—short staffed—for your orders to come out," she explains while holding back tears.

“I think the issue is that you think it’s not your problem,” she reiterates.

"But it is your problem," she continues. "Because, if it’s not your problem that my oven is broken, it’s not my problem that you are waiting longer. I’m going as fast as I humanly can."

Rachel then tells viewers she was almost jealous of her co-worker who broke her arm because at least she has an excuse to take time off work.

As for the video, she admits she wouldn't mind being fired so that she could file for unemployment and take time to look for a new job.

"For every one person that’s understanding and has patience and is, like, kind, there’s like five other people who are not, and are really mean," she admits.

Concluding the video, Rachel reiterates her point: "No, it’s not your problem. But, I mean, it should be. Or it shouldn’t even be a problem, to begin with."

Let's all make sure we treat every food service employee with extra kindness these days, okay everyone?