Hotel Staff Goes Above And Beyond After Customer's 'Strange' Apple Game Request

For so many of us, our jobs are simply what we have to wake up and do to put food on the table. And if those jobs involve dealing with customers, it can feel like a Herculean effort just to keep from saying how we really feel about them.

But for some incredible individuals, both their jobs and their customers' needs are an inspiration to make the world a little brighter than they found it. And while some express that passion for what they do in going above and beyond for vulnerable customers, others turn their daily duties into something creative that wows their guests.

And judging by how the staff of one Australian hotel responded to a guest's admittedly odd request, it helps a lot if the act of going above and beyond is fun for them as well.

In what he described as "the infamous apple incident of 2019," a man named Thom found a unique way to take his mind off his business trip while staying at a Melbourne hotel.

In a letter that he shared in a recent TikTok video, he asked, "It may seem a little strange, but can you please hide an apple somewhere in my room for me to find?"

Although he likes Granny Smith apples, he said he didn't particularly care what kind they used as this was just a means of lowering his stress levels.

To his embarrassment, he would soon learn that his request would make him stand out.

In his words, "As I checked in, the lady at reception laughed when she saw my name and said, 'So you're the apple boy?'"

But he also soon learned the staff apparently found his idea way more fun than he expected as they revealed in a note that they had actually hidden five apples throughout his room.

And they weren't half-hearted about where they hid them either.

Although Thom checked the garbage can and toilet during his search for the apples, the staff weren't mean enough to put any in those unpleasant places.

Instead, he discovered the first apple in the room safe, while the second was subtly nestled within his bed sheets.

I guess if he didn't find that one on his own, he would as soon as he tried to go to bed.

But while Thom was able to find the first four fairly quickly, the last one eluded him until the next morning.

And as you'll see in the video available here, that one turned out to be hidden in a place that he had lightly checked before, but obviously not quite thoroughly enough.

Thom seemed to appreciate the effort they went to and it's definitely true that nothing takes your mind off work quite like a puzzler of a scavenger hunt.