I Can't Believe I Have To Say It But Please Don't Inappropriately Touch Disney Character Actors

Well, here we are, ladies and gentlemen. We've come to a time where I have to ask you all to please not inappropriately grab the characters working at the Disney parks. I know, right? I wonder how we got here...

Well, as you may recall, a video of a woman groping Gaston at Disney went viral this past week and now, a whole conversation about personal and professional boundaries has been sparked.

If you missed what happened earlier this week, I'll quickly fill you in.

A video is being recirculated around the internet right now that shows a young woman greeting Gaston before provocatively pinching his pecks.

The character actor immediately nudges the woman away while telling her to "Get out now."

The woman awkwardly laughs before coming back toward Gaston and attempting to touch him again.

The actor then raises his voice and tells her to leave while pointing away. "You’re done," the actor says.

While she's walking away, he adds: "There's children!"

This video has been seen by millions of people around the world, and while most people can see why it's wrong, some think Gaston overreacted.

However, let's be clear — this isn't a Chippendales show in Vegas, this is a Disney park with children and adults who consented to play family-friendly characters.

This type of behaviour is never okay regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

No one should be touched inappropriately at work, regardless of intent.

I'm surprised she wasn't kicked out of the park altogether, to be honest.

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