Dog Dad Stands Guard Outside Vet Clinic As Stray Gives Birth To Their Puppies

When a dog has a litter of puppies, the results are boundlessly cute. At least, they are until the people caring for that dog are left wondering what they're going to do with all of them.

And while there are certainly circumstances where a dog's pregnancy can be difficult for families, that dilemma becomes even harder to figure out when we're talking about a stray or a dog in a shelter.

However, it seems that one new dog mom had all the support she could ask for both from her newfound human friends and from within the animal kingdom.

Late in the afternoon on September 9, staff at the Veterinária Campo Grande clinic in Cariacica, Brazil were treated to an unusual sight.

A stray dog that they would later know as Amiga perched herself in front of the clinic's door and patiently sat there until she was spotted by a veterinarian named João Áureo Rodrigues de Oliveira.

And while it's stunning that Amiga knew to go to a vet for her big problem, it didn't take long for de Oliveira to figure out why she was there.

He could tell she was pregnant and figured that she was about to give birth.

And according to Bored Panda, he didn't hesitate to take her in and help her even though she wasn't technically a customer.

But that wasn't the only surprise the clinic would end up having that day.

Eventually, it came to the staff's attention that while Amiga was in labor, a new dog that they presumed to be her puppies' father was now standing in her place outside the door.

The difference is that rather than laying down and waiting for help like she did, he was standing upright and strong like he was guarding the place.

And he'd be happy to know that nothing bad happened to Amiga or her puppies while they were under his watch.

As the clinic wrote in an Instagram post, she and all her pups made it through the birth OK and they're all waiting to be adopted.

And in case anyone was worried about this, the assumed father did get to see his puppies.

Translated from Portuguese, their message read, "Even Dad showed up to see the family."

h/t: Bored Panda