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Dad Feels Conflicted Over Punishment After Daughter Framed Maid For A Crime

At some point, every parent will discover their kids doing something that disappoints them. But sometimes, what they were caught doing seems so embarrassingly cruel that it's hard to know what to do about it.

In most cases, this situation will involve the disturbing revelation that their child has been bullying others. And it's common for that bullying to concern finances as it's an easy way for privileged kids to feel superior over their less fortunate peers.

And it's not like you can necessarily teach a kid not to be elitist just by taking their phones away for a while. So instead, one dad chose to take a more drastic measure after his daughter tried her level best to get his maid fired.

Ever since she's been hanging out with a new group of girls at school, one dad has noticed that his daughter's been harshly judging everyone's hair and clothes.

As he explained in a Reddit post, her most frequent target for these kinds of comments is the family's maid, who she regularly calls "filthy" and "gross."

Although the dad said he's discussed her behavior with her before, he finally became fed up and disallowed her from going to a party after she kept it up.

At first, this seemed to be the end of it until the daughter came to him saying that her iPhone was missing days later.

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And when he called it to help her find it, he soon discovered that it was inside the maid's purse.

As you might expect, this prompted a heated confrontation in which the maid tearfully claimed she didn't touch the daughter's phone and the daughter repeatedly calling her a thief before the dad sent her to her room.

However, the tables soon turned when he checked his home's security cameras and saw footage of his daughter putting her phone in the maid's purse.

As he said, "I then showed the video to my daughter and she was absolutely speechless."

After he apologized to the maid and gave her the rest of the day off, he grounded his daughter and told her she would need to spend the night in the backyard.

In his words, "I said what she did was immoral and straight up offensive to tamper with that poor woman's livelihood over a petty party she couldn't go to."

Immediately, you may be wondering as so many others did why he didn't make the maid's paid vacation last longer and have the daughter do her job.

He explained in an update that he had tried such a punishment in the past and in response, the daughter stopped eating for days at a time until she was hospitalized for having low blood pressure.

As for the idea to sleep outside, he figured that would be effective because she's a germaphobe.

And when he told her this was what he would do, she begged him not to with tears in her eyes because she hated the idea of sleeping out in the heat with the dirt and bugs.

Nonetheless, he still asked if this is what he should have done after arguing with his wife over it.

And most people were on his side to least some extent, considering that the wife wanted to go easier on her.

As one person put it, "She has to learn being so cruel has consequences. She could have lost the housekeeper her job, or even have gotten her arrested if you hadn’t found the video and pressed charges!

Don’t go easy on her. That teaches her nothing."

However, many were unsure that making her sleep out back would accomplish anything either.

In one user's words, "The punishment here isn't going to make your daughter's behavior miraculously turn around. The fact that she lied and blamed the house maid and treats them like a subpar being points to bigger issues."

This problem became especially concerning for people once they learned how she reacted to past punishments.

As another user said, "Does she have a therapist yet? This kind of self harm might be a sign of mental illness. Y'know, before it happens again and the doctors call CPS on you guys..."

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