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A Mama Bear Teaching Her Cub How To Use A Slide Is What The World Needs Right Now

When the world is chaos and stress is piling up, the one thing you need is wine cute animal videos!

We've got just your daily dose: this video of a mama bear teaching her cub how to use a slide. In the end, she smothers them with praise and kisses.

Ugh, our heart. Just try not to smile watching this!

The internet is full of un-bear-ably cute videos of mama bears and their cubs.

In this video, the mama bear takes a dip in someone's pool while her adorable little cubs watched. She's clearly had a rough day of parenting and just needed some self-care! Do you, sis!

Surprisingly, parents can relate to a lot of the same struggles mama bears go through.

Like when this mama bear in Connecticut was trying to safely get her cubs across a busy road.

In the Twitter video appropriately called “Bearenting,” traffic is at a standstill as the black bear goes back and forth to get her babies safely across.

As any parent knows, this is no easy task.

Some of her cubs get running back into the road to play. One even decides to climb a pole!

Exasperated, the mama bear tries to pick up two cubs at once. Parents everywhere could relate to the struggle.

"Bear Mama, I know your struggle. You have the one you have to drag, the one that willingly follows, and the happy-go-lucky one about to get run over," one person commented on Twitter.

"No one got out of their car to help her?" one Twitter user joked.

She was seen later enjoying a soak after finding a sitter lol," one Twitter user shared a video of a bear doing just that.

This latest viral video proves that mama bears *do* have fun with their cubs!

Unsplash | Mark Basarab

We dare you not to smile at this! Fifth-grade teacher Betsie Stockslager Emry recorded a mama bear and her cub playing at the playground of Isaac Dickson Elementary School in Asheville, North Carolina.

The adorable video shows the mama bear having the time of her life going down one of the bigger slides.

Since her cub wants a turn, she encourages them to go down one of the smaller slides. They do just that and the mama is so happy, she smothers her baby with snuggles.

The whole video is made better by the commentary of Stockslager and other faculty members.

“I love how the mama goes down the big slide and quickly runs to the smaller slide, only to bear hug the little one as they make it to the bottom,” Stockslager wrote on Facebook.

Users on Facebook also found the video to be unbearably cute!

"This made my day!" one wrote. "I’m DONE! That is the cutest thing ever,” a third added.

"How sweet she is encouraging her cub to use the smaller slide. Then she even catches him like human parents do," another added.

Emry told McClatchy News that the playful family played at the park when all the students were gone for the day.

Even if they were around, the school has a protocol for how to act when bears show up — which they frequently do.

"We often have bears visit: our school is in downtown Asheville, and the students are used to going into a perimeter lockdown when the families show," Emry told McClatchy News.

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"The voices in the video are teachers enjoying the moment."

Principal Brad Johnson told Today Parents that their students go into bear lockdown around three times a week.

“But this is the first time the bears have gone viral,” he said. "So that's been exciting."

SO exciting! Watch the clip for yourself and try not to squeal with delight.