Video Of Woman Inappropriately Touching Gaston At Disney Has Gone Viral: 'There's Children'

The Disney parks are some of the greatest places on Earth. It's where you can go and be detached from reality for a few hours — who doesn't love that? Disney, though hailed as a children's park, has rides and sights for fans of all ages, which means sometimes adults can get out of hand.

Now, one viral video is showing what happens at a Disney park when a guest takes it too far.

While we all love going to Disney parks for vacations across the globe, there's no denying working there would be a totally different ballgame.

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I mean seriously, how many Disney park secrets articles do we need to write for everyone to understand there's a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes at these magical places!

Of course, one of the best parts about visiting Disney is getting to meet the characters.

Yes, I'm a grown woman, and yes I know I'm not meeting the real Cinderella, but it's the closest any of us will ever get so please, let me have this moment!

When it comes to Disney crushes, few characters are as swoon-worthy as "Beauty and The Beast" hunk Gaston.

Yes, he's a total jerk and I hated him from start to finish of that movie, but as far as muscles and defined cheekbones go, he kind of takes the cake.

When I visited Disney a few years ago, the park had hired an attractive male actor to play the devilishly handsome Gaston, and so I did what any woman would do — snapped a picture with him!

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However, in a video that has since gone viral, a young woman felt compelled to do a little more than just meet Gaston at the characters' meet and greet.

The video, originally posted on Reddit, has gone viral thanks to TikTok user Evan Snead's reaction to it.

The original video shows a young woman greeting Gaston before provocatively pinching his pecks.

The character actor immediately nudges the woman away while telling her to "Get out now."

The woman awkwardly laughs before coming back toward Gaston and attempting to touch him again.

The actor then raises his voice and tells her to leave while pointing away. "You’re done," the actor says.

While she's walking away, he adds: "There's children!"

The comment section of the video quickly became filled with praise for the actor and how he handled that very uncomfortable situation.

"The fact that she didn't seem to understand why he was making her leave was infuriating!" wrote one user.

"Why would you think it's okay to touch someone you don't know?" they added.

"And she tried to do it a second time," echoed a different user.

A few users claiming to be character actors also chimed into the discussion.


"As a character performer please don't do things like this! And another big thing is please don't let your kids run-up hitting us and stuff," said a different user.

Some people, however, felt the actor was out of line.

"I feel like her overreacted. You can educate someone on proper etiquette without embarrassing them," one user argued.

"Don't be a snowflake let the girl have her fun," agreed another.

I think it's clear this behaviour was not well received by the actor and shouldn't be tolerated in any work place.

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I'm just surprised that she seemed so surprised that he was angry after she groped him in front of children at his place of work.

What do you make of the situation? Let us know in the comments below!