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People Share The Movies They Kept Watching, Desperately Hoping They'd Get Better

The feeling of heartbreak when something we've been looking forward to turns out to be horrible is a tough one to deal with. We immediately enter the denial stage of grief, holding out hope that maybe it will get better.

When someone on Reddit asked for specific examples of this happening at the movie theater, people happily gave their answers for those movies they just had to hope would get better by the end.

*X-Men: Dark Phoenix.*

"It really was a bad movie. I had a hard time trying care about anything that was happening. Apocalypse had me feeling the same way, but not until about halfway through the movie.

"I realized I didn't give a shit about Apocalypse, his goals, and anything he was doing in that movie. Such a weird downturn from First Class and [Days of Future Past]."

*After Earth.*

"It was the double combo of being bad but getting the sense that they thought it would be groundbreaking."

Someone added an interesting idea for this film: "The plot was interesting, and I think would have translated better in book form, since they can't show emotion but can have it internally, the written word would have conveyed deeper meaning in each scene."


"I remember watching it with my friends and laughing at how poorly made it is. It was like a [expletive] fan film. I'm a really big fan of creepypastas and horror films and I was so disappointed at what they made. It could have been a really, really good film but instead they somehow forgot how Slenderman works and gave it totally new abilities."

*Mean Girls 2.*

"Thought it was going to be like the first one, ended up with a Walmart version."

It seems that fans of the first went into this one with low expectations anyway, as one person wrote, "With iconic movies like Mean Girls, or any iconic movie in general, I generally never expect them to be on par with the first one. It’s always a happy surprise when it is but when I heard there’s be a [Mean Girls 2], I think I sighed rather than felt excitement."

*Transformers: The Last Knight.*

"For a movie that's called Transformers, they sure do put a huge emphasis on everything except them. Optimus is in the movie for like 8 minutes, and it's painfully long."

*The Dark Tower.*

"The only reason I didn't leave was cause I was in southern Florida for a trip and went to the movies to get out of the heat for while. The movie AC was the only good thing I found with that movie."

Of course, fans of the original book series came to agree, "It was horrible. It was nothing like the books and just sucked. You could have made each book it's own movie but no, let's cram like 14 huge novels into a 2 hour movie."

*Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

"I'm not sure how enjoyable it is if you haven't read the books but if you have, Jesus [expletive] Christ, it's unbearable. The only similarity to the books are the names of the characters. That's it. The story has absolutely nothing to do with any of what happens in the books. It's just pure disappointment."

*Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.*

"It just never got good, kind of same old same old, no progress made in reaching the antagonist. And then the ending was absolutely horrible and had me thinking: 'Wait, that's it? I waited two years for that?'"


"Nothing actually happens in the film. I could've watched paint dry for two hours and it would've been a more productive use of my time than watching that film. Super disappointing especially since the first two films were fairly decent."

*Suicide Squad.*

"Suicide Squad was weird for me. I enjoyed it so much until it was over. That's when I realized that none of that shit made any sense. It's entertaining if you have snacks and put zero thought into it. But the minute you start thinking, it gets terrible."

*Jack and Jill.*

"It takes a special kind of bad to sweep the Razzies. Adam Sandler 'won' worst actor AND worst actress for that. It also 'won' worst film, worst screenplay, worst screen couple, worst director, worst supporting actor, worst supporting actress, and worst ensemble."

If you don't know, the Razzies is a parody of the Oscars, instead handing out awards to the worst movies of each year. Yeah, that's how bad this one was.

*The Wicker Man.*

The one starring Nic Cage, specifically.

Many people actually came to its defense, saying it's a good movie if you go into it expecting a comedy. "I had the privilege of catching a pre-release screening of The Wicker Man. During the final scene the entire theater was laughing at how bad this movie was."

*The Last Airbender.*

"It’s been 10 years and I still become enraged when I think about it."

That sentiment seemed to be shared by many, rage and sadness, "To this day, it is the only movie that I have seen in theater and left feeling utterly disappointed. [...] I will never forget the heartbreak I felt when the movie ended. This was my favorite show growing up, and it should be illegal to break a kid's heart like that."

*Fantastic Four.*

"Take your pick on which one... they’re all pretty abysmal. The 2005 one in particular sticks out to me. It’s about an hour and a half of them being depressed about getting super powers, followed by 5 minutes of bland action."


"What really made it painful is that the movie didn't understand what the musical was. It forced a plot into a piece that's more like an anthology of stories. Then presenting with the worst CGI and the most aggressive fourth wall break at the end really killed it."

*The Amazing Spider-Man 2.*

"After making Spider-Man 3 a mess by putting in 3 villains and pointless subplots, Sony decides to reboot the franchise and does the exact same thing in the sequel to the reboot."

*Pacific Rim: Uprising.*

"The first one was amazing in nearly all aspects and the second one was IMO entertaining but horrible in comparison. In the first one, the jeagers and the kaiju were slow and clearly were heavy. In Uprising, they didn’t look massive, they looked way too agile."

*Jupiter Ascending.*

Warner Bros. via IMDb

"The actual best part of Jupiter Ascending is when it forgets what movie it is for 10 minutes and just becomes a Terry Gilliam picture about a bureaucracy planet. Then it remembers it hasn’t had Mila Kunis kidnapped and rescued again in 20 minutes and decides to do that again."


"Dammit, I was a little kid and all excited to see the movie since I absolutely loved the books. That movie was arguably the greatest cinematic disappointment of my childhood."