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Boyfriends Corner Man Who Was Taking Creepy Photos Of Their Girlfriends

Whether we want to admit it or not, in the world there are some bad people out there. The type of people who do things that just are wrong and outright disgusting, and who need to be confronted and told what they are doing is wrong.

Sometimes, people have to step up and just tell people like it is so they know for the future.

How would you feel if you were walking through a store with your significant other and caught them being violated?

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We all want to protect our partners and significant others.

So, of course, if we saw them being violated or being disrespected, we aren't going to let that slide. We're going to make it known that we won't let anyone do that.

Recently, two boyfriends have gone viral on TikTok for sanding up for their significant others in a store.

TikTok user Daisy shared a video that showcased an incident that happened in a store to her and her twin sister.

The two were shopping with their boyfriends when they saw a man nearby taking photos of them.

The boyfriends went and confronted the man.

Both boys went and had words with the guy, furious that he would take photos of any girl in a store without consent, especially their girlfriends.

They went up to the man and began to question why he would do that at all.

Then, both guys made the man delete all of the photos taken on his phone.

The guys went over to the man and had him go through all of the photos and delete all of them that he took.

And, the girls also pointed out that he not only had to delete them, but he also had to go into his recently deleted and delete those, too.

Later in the video, it turned out the man took over 60 photos of them.

The guys later saw when he was deleting the photos that the man had taken over 60 photos of the twin sisters while they were shopping through the store.

The guys called over a store employee and began to tell him what went down.

Daisy shared it on TikTok to warn other girls, too.

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The TikTok user said for all girls to "be careful" when shopping or when out because you never know who is taking photos or who is doing something like this.

Luckily, their boyfriends stepped up to make sure it was handled.

Some people were curious how they caught the guy in the first place.

Apparently, the guy wasn't trying to even hide what he was doing.

Daisy said he was not low about it and even had his sound on when he was taking the photos. Clearly, trying to be caught.

Others said they have also experienced this.

One TikTok user said she also went through something like this, too.

And, her boyfriend had to step up and protect her, as well. It's unfortunate that other guys think that it's okay to do this to women!

Some pointed out that in the end, this guy didn't even apologize.

Many people online said the guy was 100% in the wrong, and even worse, he didn't even apologize to the women after he was caught. He didn't admit he was wrong, or try to say he was sorry for being so rude and wrong.

How sad.