Wedding Photographer Feels Conflicted After Deleting Photos During Groom Fight

While it's understandably not the first thing everyone thinks of when they discuss the stress and drama that comes with weddings, it's easy to underestimate the difference a good photographer can make on that special day.

After all, they play a key role in making your memories of the day last and while an inventive and professional one can make a wedding stand out in the best way possible, others can end up bringing the couple a lot of regrets.

But because these photographers are so often overlooked, some couples can end up getting the impression that they can treat them however they want.

And while there's some debate about how one photographer handled a tough situation, their story definitely illustrates the consequences of treating them like they aren't human.

Before this person began their story, they wanted to make it clear that they aren't usually a photographer.

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As they explained in a Reddit post, they're usually a dog groomer known for taking and posting photos of each dog they work with.

Apparently, their work was good enough that a presumably now former friend asked them shoot his wedding for $250. They felt this was low for a 10-hour event and explained that this wasn't their forté, but the groom convinced them to agree by saying the results didn't need to be perfect.

But while their work with the bride on the way to the wedding and the ceremony itself went fine, the photographer ran into some problems during the reception.

They started at 11 am and were due to finish at 7:30 pm, but discovered they wouldn't be allowed to eat with everyone else at 5 pm because the groom still expected them to work.

This is despite the fact that the initially RSVPed with a food choice as a standard guest before they were roped into this job.

Worse yet, the reception took place in a building with no air conditioning on a 110 degree day and they weren't even allowed to go get water.

As the photographer put it, "I'm getting tired and at this point kinda regretting doing this for next to nothing."

And when they told the groom they needed to take 20 minutes for at least some kind of refueling break, he was hardly sympathetic.

As they relayed, "He tells me I need to either be a photographer, or leave without pay."

So in their overheated, hungry, and frustrated state, they asked if he was sure. When he confirmed that he was, they deleted all the wedding photos in front of him and told him they weren't his photographer anymore.

While the couple hasn't made any public statements about this, the photographer seemed to feel guilty when guests kept asking where the photos are on social media.

But for the most part, the Reddit community they reached out to considered their actions as simply the consequences of the way the groom treated them.

As one user said, "How do people like this even exist?? Didn't know becoming a photographer meant you didn't need food or water."

As another person pointed out, "I also read that you were originally invited to the wedding and RSVP with a food choice so it wouldn't have cost them anything extra to allow you to eat."

But while everyone found the groom's actions indefensible, some also thought the photographer went too far by deleting the photos.

In the words of one of these commenters, "You destroyed something they can never get back. Did you even warn him that you were going to delete because it sounds like you just lost it and went scorched earth. Just seems like such an immature response."

And while it's much easier to think of something like this when you aren't exhausted and angry, people who felt this way figured it would have been a better option to leave and then essentially hold the photos for ransom for double the money.

It's hard not to wonder which option the groom would've preferred.

h/t: Reddit | Icy-Reserve6995

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