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Wife Goes Viral For Posting Her Childlike Shopping List For Her Husband

Whenever a wife wants her husband to do anything, she has to be very specific and exact with what she wants and how she wants it. Guys are creatures of routine. When we disrupt their routine and ask them to do something differently, they will most likely fail if it's not laid out for them perfectly. Guys just need the extra help.

All wives know that guys are bad at running to the grocery store.

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Asking your husband to go grocery shopping is something that will end in disaster if you are not specific enough. Many women say that they have huge fights with their husbands because they don't get exactly what they ask for at the grocery store.

So, how can you solve this issue?

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How can you solve the issue of making sure your husband gets exactly what you need from the grocery store without it ending in a fight? Clearly, one wife knows what to do and how to make it work. And, she's going viral because of it.

Adam and Melinda have a TikTok channel where they share videos about their life.

Melinda recently went viral due to a grocery list she made for Adam when going to the grocery store. The list wasn't just any list, instead, it was basically a "picture graph" of what he needed to get. Melinda cut out pictures of every item and pasted them on a page.

While it seems crazy, it's so perfect.

Guys may know you want tomato sauce, but what brand of tomato sauce do you want? What kind of butter? What size ranch bottle? You need to be specific and exact. So, photos make everything easier to do and see.

Apparently, this isn't new!

People on TikTok said that they've seen men in the grocery store walking around with these types of lists. And, that they also go around asking people where to go to find everything, too. So, she said most men also need a map.

So, Melinda made a follow-up.

In the follow-up video, she made a new list for her husband that included the photos but also included the aisle and the price for each item. This way, her husband had no room for failure or mess-ups when shopping.

And, don't worry, she made a map.

Melinda also made a map for the grocery store to make sure her husband knew where each aisle was. It can be confusing to see where everything is and find the exact spot for each item. So, the map helps.

Some people online took offense to this though.

Many men and women online took offense to this, saying that she's basically making it out like her husband is incompetent and a bit stupid. However, others said that they would appreciate this and actually need this in their own lives.

One person wished their wife would do this for them!

Husbands online even said they wished their wife would do this for them because they are constantly missing things and not realizing where things are in the grocery store. They actually want the map!!

So do we, honestly.