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Women Staying At A Prison-Turned-Hotel Get Slammed: 'Extremely Gross'

Back in the day, if someone needed somewhere to stay for the night, they'd check into a hotel or hostel.

But with the success of Airbnb has come all sorts of weird alternative accommodations, from Bella Swan's house to Hogwarts.

One such weird tourist attraction is raising eyebrows on Twitter.

Here's how it started.

Anna Seregina, who goes by @touchingcheeses on Twitter, shared this. As she states, it's an old prison that's been turned into a hotel. While it's been cleaned up from its days as a penitentiary, it still retains that prison feel.

Looks nice, I guess.

The hotel/prison in question is the Malmaison Oxford, a boutique hotel that's moved into an old prison.

Guests can enjoy sleeping in one of 95 rooms or suites that were once a prison cell. At least there's wifi?

It's more than a little bit creepy.

It looks like plenty of people have stayed in the facility and enjoyed their time there. It makes for some unique photographs, no doubt. Further to that, former prisons have been used to attract tourists for decades — just look at Alcatraz.

That place must be cursed.

You don't have to believe in the spirit world to acknowledge the weirdness of the building, or the fact that it housed so much misery during its time as a prison. The bad vibes must be palpable.

Guests got slammed on Twitter.

This tweet likens the experience to a plantation wedding, and it's an apt comparison. Basically, privileged guests are romanticizing and reveling in a brutal past, taking what they want from the experience while ignoring the dark history.

Who does this?

I know that influencers are constantly trying to outdo each other when it comes to marriage proposals and weddings, but this seems like a bit much. I wouldn't want a prison to have any part of my experience as a married person.

It isn't the only such destination.

There are old, decommissioned facilities all over the place. Many get abandoned and torn down. But some get turned into tourist attractions. This tweet points out that you can basically stay in Arkham Asylum if you want to.

WTF indeed.

I can't imagine what it would be like to sink into a cozy, luxurious bed, in the exact same space that so many prisoners whiled away their lives with no hope of ever getting back out again.

It's definitely not for me.

Unsplash | Denny Müller

Would you want to stay in an old prison that had been converted into a luxury hotel? Why or why not?

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