Gillian Anderson Debuts Stunning Hair Transformation

Gillian Anderson is having an amazing comeback these days. And by comeback, I mean she is just quietly doing amazing work that everyone is enjoying after taking a bit of a break from the spotlight. Does that sound about right?

Earlier this month, Gillian won her second Emmy after 24 years, and recently went viral for saying she's done wearing bras... so yeah, Gillian is our it girl right now.

Gillian's career dates back to '90s, which I know just sees like yesterday but it was actually THIRTY YEARS AGO!

Known best for her role on the popular TV show The X-Files and now, Netflix's The Crown, Gillian is no stranger to hard work.

You know what else Gillian is not a stranger to? A sleek, brushed back hairstyle.

For years now, fans have come to know and love Gillian's signature style — above the shoulder, bright blonde, and always looking like it's being blown back by a fan.

Recently, however, the 52-year-old debuted a new hairstyle that is leaving fans speechless.

Posting a photo with Emmy host Cedric the Entertainer, Gillian showed off her stunning, longer locks.

As someone that always has her hair up, it's such a refreshing change to see!

While we're at it, can we just appreciate how fabulous Gillian's new 'do looked at the Emmy's Sunday night?

I hope she keeps this hair around forever!

What do you think of Gillian's hair? Let us know in the comments below!