Man Delights The Internet With Adorable Mini-Living Room Made Just For His Dogs

One thing that has definitely been true about life in this pandemic is that it's brought people a whole lot closer to their pets than they would've predicted.

After all, dogs, cats and other little friends have been a welcome distraction and a comforting presence during some rough times. And since that's been the case during a time when people were looking for things to do, it's perhaps not so surprising that they'd show their appreciation for their pets by building stuff they know they'd like.

But one man has recently had a different motivation for his (ahem) pet project and the results are about as impressive as they are adorable.

Although ER doctor Ben Mazer clearly put a lot of creative flair into the mini-living room he made for his dogs, he started with a practical reason for doing so.

As he told Insider, he knew his dogs would get restless while he worked long hours, which would likely lead them to run around his home and mess up his furniture.

So he wanted to keep them sequestered in a guest bedroom, but he also wanted them to feel comfortable and at home while they did so.

And when he came across three dog couches for his dachshunds, he became inspired to give them a full-fledged living room.

In his words, "I remember reading somewhere that dogs can only see blue and yellow, so I got them a blue and yellow couch, and then a gray one to match the one in my living room."

From there, he only got more ambitious and started combing through Wayfair, HomeGoods, Ross, and Target's stock to complete the room with a 24-inch TV, bookshelves, side tables, artwork, and even a bar cart.

But while most people thought the results were creative and adorable, some commenters nonetheless felt compelled to say, "Some people have more money than sense."

As we can see, he addressed this in a follow-up video in which he revealed that many of the accessories in this little living room weren't as expensive as they seemed.

In addition to the $10 fixtures that he gussied up, he also modified a child's organizer to act as one of the side tables. He also made his bar cart out of a bathroom organizer that he spray-painted gold.

All told, this mini-living room took him about a month to put together and cost approximately $600 in total.

And considering how much his three pups seem to love it, he considers it well worth the investment.

As he put it, "I like it all, but just the couches facing each other and the fact that they actually sit there with one another and just chill is great."

h/t: Insider

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